The Best Way to Start Your Day

I guess I’m in the minority of college students who would more or less consider themselves a morning person. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping in and I’m certainly not up at the crack of dawn, but I do enjoy waking up with some extra time for myself before heading out the door. I feel like having a good morning sets the tone for your entire day, so having a good morning can really make a difference in your overall outlook and mental health. Here are a few things I love to do to get my day started in the right direction.


1. Eat breakfast

Breakfast is so important to get your day started the right way. It gets you awake so you’re more alert during class, helps you maintain a healthy diet by not overeating later in the day, and has been proven to help improve your mood and overall health! The best breakfasts include protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. (Pro tip that I don’t expect anyone to follow: water or an apple in the morning wakes you up more than coffee!)

2. Work out

I know this is really a time commitment so it’s hard to do in the morning if your schedule doesn’t allow it, but on an off day try hitting the gym first thing. It gets your endorphins flying and you looking and feeling great.

3. Meditate or pray

I have small devotions that I like to do in the morning that keep me looking at the bigger pictures in life, but if you’re not a spiritual person even saying some affirmations to yourself or taking time to clear out your head of stress can help keep you cool and calm throughout the day.

4. Write out everything you need to do and prioritize it

After your mind is cleared and you can think more positively about what needs to get done that day, write it down in order of what needs to be done. This keeps focus in your whole day and can help you not get overwhelmed.

5. Clean up

I know this sounds stupid but cleaning your apartment/dorm/house makes a huge difference in your outlook on your day. If you feel more organized and put together, you’ll be more organized and put together. Even just as simply as making your bed or picking clothes off the floor makes a huge difference. Plus, who wants to come home to a dirty house? (Ahh I can only read this in my mother’s voice, I guess she was right again.)

6. Get things ready the night before

It can be really helpful in the morning to know you don’t have to address everything. Before going to sleep, lay out your clothes and pack your backpack so you can have more “you time” in the morning.

I know it can be easy to keep hitting snooze and make a mad dash to class, but I know I feel so much happier when I take my mornings slow and have some time to collect myself before my day starts. May your days be as good as your mornings!