5 Things to Remember When You're Feeling Low


I don’t know what’s going on in your life, and I don’t want to presume to know anything. This is your journey! Maybe I can relate, and maybe I can’t. Either way, I’m not equipped to tell you what to do and I really don’t think anyone can do that for you. We can however, offer emotional support and let you know that you are stronger and smarter than you believe. So, without further adieu, here are 5 things to remember when you're feeling low. Note that I say "when" because even the most positive, amazingly productive people feel low - imagine that! We're all fallible humans and we need to nurture each other a little more, in my humble opinion.


1. You have been here before...and this too shall pass

I'm sure this isn't the first time you've felt emotionally heavy and tortured yourself for feeling negativity. Maybe you were wishing it would end, or you commiserate with friends, maybe you just sucked it right back up and carried on with your day. Well - remember that time in between your last shitty feeling and this current one? That was you bouncing back, recovering from feeling lackluster, and hopefully living more presently, focusing on everything you're doing to gear you up for your future. Even if this respite from the feeling you're feeling now wasn't anything supremely zen, you weren't nearly as wrapped up in your feelings as you are now. Trust me, you will get back to that feeling of freedom from your emotions. Maybe not in ten minutes, maybe not in a couple of days, but you will occupy yourself with things that will serve you and your growth positively. Try to believe in that. Healing of any kind takes time, so allow yourself that time instead of expecting instant gratification.

2. You are not a burden

Friends are here to listen to you, just like how you listen to your friends. I hope you listen to your friends because you care, and not because you expect something in return! Giving is not true if you are expecting to receive. However, when it comes to friendship, it sets a healthy precedent of open communication to be there for a friend, and allow them to be there for you. They may not ask you to be vulnerable, or even enjoy it (it can be uncomfortable), but a true friend will listen to you and offer kindness and support. This is really all we need. Not advice or anecdotes, or for a friend to try and instantly transform into a clinical psychology - we need to know we belong and we are not wrong or lesser for feeling the way that we do.

3. You are not the only one

In no way is this fact meant to minimize your experience. In fact, hopefully it does the latter and helps you to recognize that your struggle is not unique and unsolvable. People have experienced, in their own way, what you are currently experiencing, and may be able to offer support. Even if someone hasn't gone through your experience, I think a lot of the emotions and manifestations can be similar at their cores. It does NOT make you weak to lean on others for support. They probably did the same when they were feeling the same as you and look at them now, all free of emotional luggage (more or less).

4. Be kind to yourself

I talked above about being talking to others and letting friends talk to you, but also, be a friend to yourself. Being a friend to yourself first can go a long way. Instead of cutting yourself down with negative talk like, "You're such a sad girl right now," change it to "You're feeling sad right now." Subtle, but if you can distance yourself a bit from your emotions, you'll realize they're passing and thus, are not traits that belong to you. It's like claiming air as your own: you're constantly walking into new air, how can any of it truly belong to you? Emotions are the same - always changing and moving through us. They are not ours to hold onto forever. Remember this the next time you want to beat yourself up over feeling something undesirable.

5. You’re a badass

To me, being called a badass is one of the best compliments ever. What are characteristics of a "badass?" To me, it's someone who does what they want to unapologetically and determinedly. A badass goes with their gut and doesn't change for anyone else's benefit. A badass can pull through this low feeling. You're a badass - don't doubt that. Also...if you're feeling down, maybe work out for some endorphins...then you can be a badass with a good ass. (Ha).

In case you didn't tell yourself today, I believe in you. But now, tell yourself - it counts more. xo, Britt.



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