An Outline For Constructing a New Years Resolution

           People often take things for granted and don’t realize how much little things can affect their lives. Although we are in mid-January now, it is never too late to set goals for yourself. Aside from the common exercise and career goals for each new year, my advice to you is to focus on the smaller things in order to make a bigger impact in your life.


           Think about the details of your day and write a master list of every little thing that makes you happy: your favorite song, making breakfast, taking baths, writing in your journal, etc. Focus on doing little things throughout your day that make you happy and boost your mood. Try your best to do a few of these things throughout your daily routine. When you are constantly doing little things that make you happy, it betters your mood and can be beneficial for your mental health.

           When constructing your bigger goals for 2018, prioritize your well-being. This does not just refer to your physical health, but your mind, body, and soul. Get help if you need it, set aside 10 minutes each day to meditate and focus on being mindful, eat food that will fuel your body, take a walk outside. These can all be great things for your well-being, and they can also easily fit into your daily life.


           It is important to exercise your brain; learn something new, take a class, etc. Making a goal to be open to learning and focusing on education is so important. Read more books, keep up with the news, research topics or stories you find interesting. This can be very impactful on the way you think and help you contribute or be more interested during some of your classes.


           Working on yourself can be a great focus point for a new year, but don’t forget that the parts of you that matter most cannot be seen. Think about your character, your compassion, how you see the world, and ask yourself if this is the way you want to be. There is always room for improvement. Having goals to be selfless, compassionate, and loyal are just a few examples of very important qualities to focus on and to reevaluate about how you feel about the way you feel and thinking about the world.