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What To Really Expect From The Latest Fitness Fads

Whether it’s the start of the calendar year or the school year, new beginnings tend to inspire us to kick-start our fitness goals (or maybe it’s that bikini body we all hope to get by Spring Break.) When going to the gym becomes a boring routine it might be time to try something different. Living in LA, there are endless choices for fitness studios offering every workout imaginable from yoga, to dance, to kickboxing. Some tend to be fads that fade away but others might just be here to stay. If you’ve wanted to try the latest workout but don’t know what to expect, use our experience as your guide on what you can actually expect from cost to how we score the classes (1 to 5).

Soul Cycle

What to Expect: To be inspired while having some sweaty fun. You’ll spend 45 minutes in a dark room with an empowering instructor. Different from a regular cycling class, you’ll ride to the beat of the music and workout your arms with 1 to 5 pound weights during a portion of the class. Be sure to check out their themed rides (did someone say Kanye vs. Taylor Swift?).

Cost: $30

Deal: $20 for your first class

Score: 5


Kayle Itsines Bikini Body Guide

What to Expect: A 28-minute workout that repeats the same 2 sets of exercises twice. The moves are tough and designed to work the same specific area throughout the entire workout. The guide provides you a full 12-week plan with 3 workouts a week and cardio instructions for your days off. Purchase the additional food guide for healthy tips on what to eat during the 3-month challenge. It can be really difficult to finish the entire 12 weeks (expect to want to quit early)!

Cost: $50

Deal: None

Score: 3


Pure Barre

What to Expect: This 1-hour class combines cardio, resistance bands, and light weights for a full body workout that promises to lift and tone. The fun music makes time fly but expect your muscles to quiver.

Cost: $15 student drop in

Deal: monthly discounts offered in store

Score: 4


CorePower Yoga

What to Expect: To sweat. A lot. CorePower offers levels 1, 2, and 3 of hot yoga classes as well as sculpt classes that utilize light weights. Bring a lot of water and plan on wanting to shower immediately after. Heated classes aren’t for everyone so it’s best to try it out before committing to any packages.

Cost: $18 student drop in

Deal: first week free and $125 unlimited monthly student discount

Score: 5


Lagree Fitness

What to Expect: A Pilates style workout on machines called megaformers that use resistance to tone muscles. Don’t be fooled by the 50 minute time allotment, this class which can be found at The Studio (MDR), is  really challenging. Expect your muscles to shake due to slow movements and high resistance.

Cost: $35 per class

Deal: $18 for your first class

Score: 2



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