Sorority Spotlight: Zeta Tau Alpha

Want to learn more about each sorority? For the next nine weeks, we will be featuring each chapter on campus. This week: Zeta Tau Alpha.

ICYMI: AXOAPhiThetaAlpha GamKD, and AOII.

How would you describe the typical ZTA woman?

The typical ZTA woman is passionate in everything she does. She is always there for her sisters and strives to be her best self at all times.

What is your best memory as a house?

Our best memory is anything that involves the kitchen, whether that means spontaneous dance parties, crafting or just eating dinner together after Sunday chapter meetings.

How big are your PC’s usually?

Our new member classes usually range from 25-35.

What is your overall house GPA?

Our chapter GPA is currently 3.25

What is the chapter’s favorite meal that the chef makes?

During the week, we can expect our chef to make delicious healthy dishes like Asian-style quinoa with ginger soy tofu/chicken, but on Fridays we cannot live without his mac and cheese or flatbread pizzas!


What are your favorite ZTA traditions?

Some of our favorite ZTA traditions are Big/Little appreciation day, where every family gives each other thoughtful gifts or shows them how much we appreciate one another. Every month we also like to give each other emotional boosts by doing an activity called, “Reach out and let a sister know” where a moderator makes a nice statements about someone like, “someone with values that you admire.” Half of the people participating in the activity have their eyes closed while the other half are walking around the room. Whenever the moderator makes a statement that pertains to a person that has their eyes closed, the people walking around must reach out and lightly tap a sister who they think the statement pertains to.

How is your chapter different from the others on campus?

We pride ourselves on the fact that 100% of our members are involved in outside organizations other than ZTA, focusing on academics, philanthropy and other passions. We all make sure to support our sisters’ passions such as dance/theatre/musical performances, half marathons, TED Talks, Derby Days and more.


What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money & awareness for your philanthropy?

Our national philanthropy is breast cancer awareness and education, and the entire month of October is dedicated to it. During this month, we hold an annual “Pink Week” where we decorate campus with pink ribbons, attend a Jets game where we hand out “ZTA Think Pink” ribbons to everyone attending and hold an event on campus every day throughout Pink Week. 

Some people are worried about the financial commitment that is associated with Greek Life. How have sisters in your sorority dealt with this issue?

We work with every member regarding finances, through payment plans and guidance. We want to make Greek life and the financial commitment that comes with it as easy and attainable as possible.

What would be your chapter’s advice for a PNM about going through recruitment?

Don’t be nervous, be yourself and keep an open mind. Remember, recruitment is the week where you will find your home, so don’t stress because everyone ends up in the right place. 


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