Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Chi Omega

Want to learn more about each sorority? For the next nine weeks, we will be featuring each chapter on campus. First up, Alpha Chi Omega (AXO).

How would you describe the typical “Alpha Chi Omega” woman?

The typical Alpha Chi Omega woman is supportive of her sisters, philanthropic, and hardworking.

What is your best memory as a house?

It’s difficult to pick one specific memory, but what we look forward to the most coming back year after year is hanging out in the chapter room with our sisters and welcoming a new member class every January.

How big are your PC’s usually?

Usually, our member classes range from 25-35 women.

What is your overall house GPA?

Our overall house GPA is 3.48. We are proud to have both the highest All Sorority and All Greek Average! 

What is the chapter’s favorite meal that the chef makes?

Our chapter’s favorite meals include turkey meatballs, wing night, and breakfast for dinner. You can always find us snacking on cookie dough in the kitchen.

What are your favorite Alpha Chi Omega traditions?

Apple Pie with Alpha Chi is our favorite Alpha Chi Omega tradition. We look forward to welcoming our professors and Lehigh faculty to our chapter house each fall. It allows us to get to know our professors outside of the classroom and enjoy the delicious apple pies that our chef makes.

How is your chapter different from the others on campus?

Our sorority is extremely well balanced. We have a variety of majors and extracurricular involvement. We pride ourselves on working hard, having fun, and giving back to the community.

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money & awareness for your philanthropy?

Our philanthropy is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. We have a strong relationship with Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley, a local domestic violence shelter. This summer, members of our chapter voluntarily participated in becoming Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention advocates, by completing 20 hours of online training. Each fall, we look forward to our Mountain Hunk event, a talent show to raise money for our philanthropy. We also invite traveling clothing boutiques to our chapter room, where some of the proceeds are donated to the local shelter.

Some people are worried about the financial commitment that is associated with Greek Life. How have sisters in your sorority dealt with this issue?

We want our members to take part in Alpha Chi Omega. We have policies in place to make this a possibility for all our members.

What would be your chapter’s advice for a PNM about going through recruitment?

Be yourself, keep an open mind, and see where you really connect during Formal Recruitment. Don’t stress out because everyone ends up where they belong!


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