Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Gamma Delta

Want to learn more about each sorority? For the next nine weeks, we will be featuring each chapter on campus. This week: Alpha Gamma Delta.

ICYMI: AXOAPhi, and Theta

How would you describe the typical Alpha Gamma Delta woman?

The typical Alpha Gam woman is loyal, driven, confident, and always there for her sisters.

What is your best memory as a house?

Our best memory as a house is our yearly parent’s weekend tailgate. All of our families are invited up to Goodman for a potluck style tailgate followed by the football game. We love seeing each other’s families and getting to share our Lehigh and Alpha Gam traditions with them!

How big are your PC’s usually?

Our average pledge class size ranges from 25-35 women depending on the year.

What is your overall house GPA?

Our overall chapter GPA is 3.46.

What is the chapter’s favorite meal that the chef makes?

Some of our favorite dishes that our chef Lisa makes are her fiesta salad, perogies, and sweet potato crusted chicken fingers. We also love the delicious flatbread and focaccia pizzas she makes on Thursdays for lunch.

What are your favorite Alpha Gamma Delta traditions?

One of our favorite Alpha Gam traditions is when our entire chapter goes ice skating once we’re all back from winter break. It’s always so much fun to hang out with your sisters, skate around, and get to know the newest pledge class!

How is your chapter different from the others on campus?

One thing we all love about Alpha Gam that sets us apart from others is that each and every member is unique and has a special contribution to our chapter. We are all involved in so many different things on campus and have different personalities and achievements, but Alpha Gam is the one thing that brings us all together and unites us.

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money & awareness for your philanthropy?

Our philanthropic focus is on diabetes awareness and education. We raise money and awareness for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which awards grants to numerous diabetes foundations. Each year, we host a Downward Dogs for Diabetes yoga event where a yoga class is instructed on campus, and all of the proceeds go to our foundation. Also, this year we are going to have a Diabetes Awareness Week that includes several days of fun events to raise money and awareness for diabetes.

Some people are worried about the financial commitment that is associated with Greek Life. How have sisters in your sorority dealt with this issue?

For Alpha Gamma Delta sisters, scholarships are available for those who are interested. Also, our VP Finance sets up payment plans for chapter dues for anyone who reaches out to her.

What would be your chapter’s advice for a PNM about going through recruitment?

Our best advice for going through formal recruitment is to keep an open mind, look for connections you make during conversations, and just be yourself! Everyone ends up where they’re meant to be. 


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