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Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Omicron Pi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lehigh chapter.

Want to learn more about each sorority? For the next nine weeks, we will be featuring each chapter on campus. This week: Alpha Omicron Pi.

ICYMI: AXOAPhiThetaAlpha Gam, and KD.

How would you describe the typical AOII woman?

The typical AOII woman is loyal, understanding, and dedicated. 

What is your best memory as a house?

One of our favorite memories and traditions is sisterhood bonding events at the house where we all stay in and watch a movie with some of our favorite foods and snacks. 

How big are your PC’s usually?

Our member classes range from 25-35 women.

What is your overall house GPA?

Our house GPA is currently 3.36

What is the chapter’s favorite meal that the chef makes?

One of our favorite meals our chef makes is chicken finger Friday accompanied by his delicious mac and cheese. We look forward to it every week and it’s a time for all of us to hang out in the kitchen and catch up. 

What are your favorite AOII traditions?

Our favorite AOII tradition is the “Peak into AOII Brunch” which takes place in the spring after a new member class joins the house. It is a chance for the members’ families to come explore the house and get a glimpse of what the girls of AOII are like. It is an exciting time for the new members as well as the current sisters.

How is your chapter different from the others on campus?

Our chapter is made up of girls with all different kinds of personalities and lifestyles, but what we love most is continuously learning from each other and growing together. We accept each other for who we are, which is what makes us so unique.

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money & awareness for your philanthropy?

Juvenile Arthritis is our national philanthropy. Each year we have a “Strike Out for Arthritis” fundraiser, where we encourage students to participate in either a dodgeball or bowling tournament to raise money for Juvenile Arthritis. We also participate in an annual fundraising event with the Sigma Chi Fraternity during which we see-saw for 50 hours straight on the front lawn of campus. We choose a different philanthropy to donate to each year.

Some people are worried about the financial commitment that is associated with Greek Life. How have sisters in your sorority dealt with this issue?

AOII has numerous scholarships and financial plans established to accommodate for all financial situations. Being a part of our chapter is an amazing experience and one we want everyone to be able to have, regardless of financial situation. 

What would be your chapter’s advice for a PNM about going through recruitment?

Don’t be nervous about formal recruitment! Being confident and true to yourself is the most important thing to remember. Go with what feels natural to you. 

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Website: http://lehigh.alphaomicronpi.org/ and http://lehighalphaomicronpi.moonfruit.com/


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