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How to Cope With Being SAD According To Your Major

As we transition into the winter solstice from the Fall season, it is important to keep our mood in balance as the amount of daylight changes. According to bodyandhealth.canada.com, 2-3% (per cent) of people are affected by seasonal affective disorder, a.k.a SAD. Due to the increase of melatonin produced from the reduced hours of sunlight, people are more likely to have SAD during the winter season.

With that said, there are multiple ways in which everyone can improve boost their mood and energize themselves so they are able to cope with the winter solstice. Here are the ways that you can beat the winter blues according to your major:

  1. Criminology

    – Wake-up early in the morning to catch the sunrise

  2. Digital Media and Journalism

    – Writing a heartfelt message to a colleague or loved one to ask them how they’re doing throughout the winter and reaching out to keep in touch

  3. Engineering

    – Invest in a lightbox that will help to regulate your circadian rhythm throughout the day by providing blue light 

  4. English

    – Tackle a reading list to keep your mind busy and invested in a good story!

  5. Film

    – Taking notes of the small/minimal things within your surroundings and being aware of what is happening in the present moment

  6. Human Rights and Diversity

    – Learn about how Nunavut is affected by day light hours in the winter and educate others on it

  7. History

    – Take a trip to a museum (staying safe of course!) either in-person or virtually!

  8. Indigenous Studies

    – Eat lots of foods such as salmon and mushrooms which are high in vitamin so that your body has enough nutrients to get you through the day

  9. Law and Society

    – Learn how workplace policies can/are put in place that acknowledges the effects of SAD for workers and advocate for them.

  10. Psychology

    – Schedule a therapy/counselling appointment to talk about your mood and wellbeing affected by the seasonal transition

  11. Social and Environmental Justice

    – Take up a new hobby such as investing in indoor plants to take care of during the winter such as growing chives indoors!

  12. User Experience Design

    – Create platforms/websites/mobile applications that help people to cope with the transition through the winter solstice. Some of these on the Apple store are good examples!

  13. Youth and Children

    – Ask your friends/family/close ones how they are doing and talk to them about how SAD you are

Hopefully, with some of these helpful tips, you will have found helpful ideas on how to beat the winter blues this season and keeping a balanced mood! 

If you found some of these tips helpful, share with us what your major is and what tips you will be trying this season to keep your spirit up this winter @HerCampusLaurierBrantford on Facebook!

Disclaimer: Seasonal Affective Disorder is different from a major depressive disorder. If you believe you are experiencing a more severe depressional mood swing, please speak to your doctor or speak to a Good2Talk counsellor anytime at 1-866-925-5454.

For more information on SAD and how it can affect you, visit the websites below:








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