How Meditation Changed My Life- and Why You Should Give It a Try Too

When people think about meditation, they usually think about a spiritual guru sitting in complete silence for days at a time. However, meditation is not just for the select few. Instead, meditation is for everyone.  Meditation has actually been proven to enhance our quality of life. It has been given credit for helping reduce stress, promote awareness, help with memory and attention span, improve self control pain, and help with a variety of health issues. Everyone can use meditation and mindfulness as a tool to improve their lives and maybe find spiritual enlightenment in the process.

Spirituality seems to be a buzz word on social media. There seems to be an awareness of how our spiritual selves play a role in our life as more people turn to meditation and other spiritual practices. Simply scrolling through social media, you can find people talking about meditating, reiki, yoga, crystals, and manifestation.

I remember growing up not being interested in the spiritual practices of my household, but as I grew up I began to see value in them. I was taught how to meditate by my father, who first taught me breathing exercises to help me combat my anxiety and depression. At this time, it was just something I did when I was told to do it. I didn't believe that focusing on my breathing could help anything.

After a while, I decided to actually give it a try and take it seriously. At once I saw immediate results. I should probably preface that everyone’s experience is unique to them. When you meditation, it’s just you alone, in this vast universe. I felt a connection to the world around me and was able to think beyond my current thoughts and emotions. I was able to focus my energy on one simple task: being in the moment. When I exited a meditation session, I was able to say more often than not, that I was calmer than when I started. I could rationalize my thoughts and find ways to move past them. Meditation is just one trick in my toolbox.

Of course, this success prompted me to turn to the Internet to hear about other people’s practices. I began to read about other methods of meditation and began to realize how versatile meditation was. I am always trying new things in my practice; everything from guided meditation, crystals, the use of essential oil or incenses, and different styles.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out meditation, I advise you to give it a go!