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How to Beat Loneliness at University

Starting university is a milestone in everyone’s lives, one that you may feel your whole life has been building up to. Amongst all the new experiences – moving away from home, trying to meet new people, getting into your course – you might’ve started to feel a little lonely. It’s totally natural, and we’ve come up with a helpful list of strategies to combat the loneliness and make the most of university life!

Even though it might feel like it, you’re definitely not alone

Try to remember that everyone is in the same boat! Most of the people in your flat or college, even if they don’t show it, are probably feeling exactly the same way as you are. Try reaching out to those people and asking if they’re also feeling lonely – sharing your experience could help them, too!

Surround yourself with others

Whether it’s joining societies that interest you, going along to college events, or simply heading down to your common room, surrounding yourself with people is a sure way to meet new friends and immerse yourself in university life.

Get on social media

There are tons of places on social media to meet other students at Lancaster – you might’ve even joined some before Freshers started! Get chatting to other members, perhaps even arrange to meet up with some in Costa or get together before a lecture. A great place to start might be your course’s society Facebook page!

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Reach out for some extra help

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, or if you’re struggling with your mental health in general, then reach out to someone within the university who can offer more direct support. There are many ways to do this, all of which are available for you to access online.

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