Coping with the Stress of University

If you are anything like me, it has now got to that point in the academic year where you have multiple deadlines, a dissertation to finish and exams to revise for in the coming months and it can be quite overwhelming. I often find myself with no time to do anything that I enjoy anymore because my life feels completely consumed by university work. If you are feeling anything like this, don’t worry its completely natural and there are a number of ways that will help you to face those deadlines head on, without feeling like it’s too much and you are still able to enjoy time with your friends.

1. PLAN!

I found its always best to sit down at the start of each week and plan what I need to do each day to keep on top of the tasks I have to do. I often find the further I get through the week the more plans and meetings I have to attend, which often means I’m left feeling like my deadlines have suffered. However, if you plan when you are going to do each piece of work at the start of the week in manageable chunks, I feel like it’s easier to plan everything else you have to do around it so that you don’t end up feeling behind.


At stressful points in your life in can often be very difficult to want to go out or have the time and money to do anything because you have so much that you need to do. However, this is actually one of the most important things you can do to make everything that little bit easier. I always find everything slightly more manageable if I spend time with my friends and actually relax instead of worrying about what work I need to do the next day. Though finding time to do this can often be a struggle at this time of year with everything that needs to be completed, it can be one of the most valuable things that gets you through the next few hard months.


This is one of the most important points I want to get across when looking after yourself at University. I often feel that there is a culture that is created by students, for the need to constantly be working. Most of my time at the moment is spent in the library in front of my laptop completing the work that I need to do for that day. However, the constant repetition of this can get tedious quite quickly and you almost feel like your work is never ending. If reach this stage, remember to give yourself a day off aa breather to re-energise your body and mind so that you can do your work successfully. I think students especially, forget to give themselves time off that they deserve because of the amount we are constantly expected to do. So, take a day at the weekend or during the week, plan to do something fun, and all your work will be so much easier.


If university work is getting on top of you and you are feeling like you are in a downward spiral, don’t be afraid to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Chances are you are not the only one feeling the way you are and talking to someone else who feels the same as you, can boost your spirits a lot. I’m always talking to people about how much I have to do, but just venting it and getting the support from those who love and care about you honestly makes the world of difference. Bottling how you feel up can get extremely overwhelming at times, leaving you feeling helpless and a little bit lost! Therefore, speak out and don’t be afraid to say how you feel, getting that support will make everything feel a little bit more manageable.


The last tip I have when coping with the stress of University is eating well. I think we are all guilty at one point or another of getting a takeaway or eating some sugary foods because cooking and eating healthy seems like too much effort when we have a lot on. I know I have often felt like this when I have been studying, but in reality, it actually makes me feel worse. I feel guilty about what I’ve eaten afterwards and also the energy I gained from the sugar dissolved pretty rapidly.  It’s always better to start the day with something healthy and eat well, because not only does it make you feel better mentally and physically, its healthier for you and gives you that boost of energy to get through your studying for the day.