• If everyone is a Hipster, no one is a Hipster.

    Los Angeles, CA
    United States

    In an age where people only drink beer straight from a breweries tasting room, grow their mustaches and beards to extreme lengths, and wear clothing not from the 21st century, the term “hipster” has truly lost its meaning.

  • Ways To Become More Eco-Friendly and Help Our Planet

    Our world is being damaged by human activity day by day to the point where human extinction is coming closer than we think. Already, so many wild animals' homes have been destroyed, the pollution around the world is making it impossible to live in, and our oceans are being filled with trash. Changing the way you live is one step in creating a better Earth.

  • Our Local And Global Water Crisis

    There is an infinite amount of problems we are currently facing with our water both locally and globally. These problems occur on a large spectrum and although there may not be any quick and easy resolutions as to how we can solve or reverse these situations with our water, the least we can do this Earth Day is at least become aware of these problems and change the little things we are capable of. By doing this, we can strive to decrease these problems and help save our water and planet.

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