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Okay, yes I posted an article like this two weeks ago BUT I had a lot of good feedback from friends and thought “why not?” As you may already know, this is a list of recommended Netflix shows for whenever you’re in the mood but don’t know what you want to watch. If you haven’t had a chance to read my previous article, do it now! Now tweak your interest a little and read another 10 recommended shows. 


1. Sense8 (TV Series, 2 Seasons – 2015) 

Eight complete strangers around the globe find themselves connected, with the ability to feel each other’s emotions—even when things get SEXUAL! It’s a totally crazy dynamic, but what’s crazier is that they come together (while still apart) to figure out what the hell is happening. This show is so genuine and entertaining, as the characters embrace each other and encounter some of the craziest situations. What’s better is that these people all ended up being best friends outside of the show and the cultural impact they had was phenomenal! Literally, watch it and be amazed. 10/10 LOVE. Trailer 


2. Tales of the City (TV Series, 1 Season – 2019) 

Twenty years ago there was a show with the exact same title, Mary Ann decided to move to San Francisco following a vacation. Twenty-three years later, Mary Ann returns to 28 Barbary Lane for the 90th birthday of her former landlady, Anna Madrigal. This show focuses on Mary Ann’s return and the many elements that have changed since she left—including her previous decision to abandon her daughter and ex-husband for her broadcasting career. I live for the themes discussed in this show: homosexuality, transgender transitions, HIV and condom usage, and the vast history in the LGBTQ+ community. Please take the time to not only learn about some of San Francisco’s history but enjoy the extended storyline from the original work. Trailer


3. Unbelievable (TV Series, 1 Season – 2019) 

As difficult as it may be, this show addresses an actual 2008 sexual assault case and the police investigations surrounding it. Coinciding with its title, the investigators assigned to the main character’s case don’t believe her, often pressuring her to say she lied about the assault. This show was absolutely heartbreaking to watch except I still recommend it so that you can understand how detective Grace Rasmussen and detective Karen Duvall find the man responsible for so many sexual assault cases. Brace yourself for a mind-boggling insight into the amazing work that both detectives put in to help the girls in need. Trailer


4. As Above So Below (Film, 1 hour 40 mins – 2014) 

Do you remember Nicolas Flamel from the Harry Potter stories? He was believed to have discovered the philosopher’s stone—a substance thought to give the owner immortality. Archaeologist Scarlett Marlowe is convinced that this stone is underground the Catacombs of Paris, putting together a team to search and find it. As they begin their mission, they aren’t aware they are entering their own personal hell—the trip channels deep into the human psyche to reveal the personal demons that come back to haunt them. I completely loved this movie when it came out, and I will never stop recommending it to others. Ugh, bless. Trailer


5. What Happened to Monday (Film, 2 hour 4 mins – 2017) 

In the future where the “One Child Policy” is enforced–meaning families are allowed only one child due to overpopulation—seven identical sisters must manage to survive. In fact, something that happens to one sister, must happen to all sisters. But what do they do when one of their own doesn’t make it home? Together they try to stay hidden but search for their missing sister. This action-packed film is one for the whole family to watch. Y’all should watch it; the computer-generated shots are thrilling. Trailer


6. The Good Place (TV Series, 4 Seasons – 2016) 

When Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself dead and in, what we call “The Good Place,” but she knows she doesn’t deserve to be there. To try to fit in, she befriends Chidi (a former moral-philosophy professor) to help her blend in with the people who earned it. Kristen Bell does an amazing job of personifying a bad person in heaven while combatting the many challenges that come to being a fake good girl. Yes, there are a lot of dumb jokes in this show, but Kristen Bell really sells it. Give it a try! Trailer


7. Hush (Film, 1 hour 27 mins – 2016) 

Having lost her hearing as a teenager, author Maddie Young lives in seclusion in the forest–existing in a completely silent world. One night, a masked face of a psychotic killer appears in her window and torments her. Keep in mind, she lives in a remote forest, where her nearest neighbor is still a distance away. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat while watching a completely deaf woman battle it out to survive. I guess you just gotta watch to see if she makes it out alive. Trailer


8. The Ritual (Film, 1 hour 34 mins – 2017) 

Four men go on a camping trip to deliver ashes of one of their best friends. On this heartwarming journey, Luke finds himself dealing with his own guilt from the friend’s passing. It isn’t until the men are forced to spend the night in an abandoned cabin that sh*t starts to get freaky. You’ve seen Blair Witch, The Forest, and The Witch. Now its time to watch some British supernatural craziness in The Ritual. We love Scandanavian cults, especially ones that praise a beast that offers a choice to every tortured person: submit and worship it for life, or die in unimaginable pain. Trailer


9. Wanda Sykes: Not Normal (Film, 59 mins – 2019) 

Wanda Sykes has been known for her loud-mouth humor, creating many stand-up masterpieces and hilarious cameos in various films (check her out in Snatched). Wanda makes some great jokes in this special, focusing on menopause, racial differences, the opioid problem, and our favorite genius, Trump. She just knows how to deliver the best laughs, even when it makes some people made. Take an hour out of your (supposedly) very busy week and watch Wanda tell you what is so “Not Normal.” Trailer


10. Pose (TV Series, 2 Seasons – 2018) 

This show centers on the underground world of the 1980s ball culture world, and the struggles many LGBTQ+ youth experienced during this time. Stars like Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Billy Porter, and Evan Peters star in this deep insight into the gender-nonconforming times. As a viewer, you find yourself feeling excitement for some of the more enthusiastic scenes, as well as sympathy and empathy for characters. If you enjoy flirtatious and open-minded TV dramas, watch! You’ll love it once you actually get through the first episode! Trailer


Honorable Mentions:

The End of the F***ing World (TV Series, 1 Season – 2017) 

Atypical (TV Series, 3 Seasons – 2017) 

Special (TV Series, 1 Season – 2019) 

Again, please let me know what you think about my recommendations, or if you think another show/movie should have been recognized. Based on the few people telling me “I want more, but you should’ve had _______ on your list,” I can see why those shows/movies were recommended and made sure to watch and include them above. Thank you again for reading, and I see y’all very soon!

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