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I am sure you have those nights where you know you want to watch some Netflix and chill, but don’t know what’s worth watching. You take your time searching through options, trying to find something JUST right, but nothing gives you that last push to make the final decision. Thankfully, I’ve created a list of some very promising shows and movies that may tweak your interest whenever you find yourself stuck like so many of us do.


1. The Fundamentals of Caring (Film, 1 hour 37 min – 2016)

This movie is based on a man suffering from a family loss, who then gets a job as a caregiver for a very different boy. Together they embark on a road trip that changes both of them for the better. I recommend this movie if you enjoy dark comedies, or if you’ve ever heard of the book it was based on, The Revised Fundamentals of Caring. I cried. You’ll cry. We’ll all cry together. Also, who doesn’t love Paul Rudd and his stupid comments? I know I do. Trailer


2. Lucifer (TV Series, 4 Seasons – 2016)

The Devil. Satan. Beelzebub. The Fallen Angel. The One. You know many names for him but did you ever know him as Lucifer, the nightclub owner who teams up with a homicide detective to punish those who do “evil” on earth? Doubt it. Tom Ellis portrays Lucifer and does an amazing job at it, especially alongside Lauren German. Not only is he very attractive, and only gets better looking as the show goes along, but he encompasses that all-powerful, lustful, manly demi-god. Wow, I need a hot shower. Trailer


3. The Ugly Truth (Film, 1 hour 36 min – 2009)

Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler are the dynamic duos when it comes to relationship advice, at least in this movie. Watch and see how the hopeless romantic TV producer Abby relies on the insensitive colleague Mike Chadway to help find that lucky one. This movie is downright a romantic comedy with its vibrating underwear, dropped towels, and inappropriate jokes from some of the most random characters. I caught myself laughing way too hard at times and still remember some of my favorite scenes. Take a chance and check what makes you laugh too. Trailer


4. No Reservations (Film, 1 hour 44 mins – 2007)

Okay, so imagine Ratatouille but live-action, no rats, and someone dies—but that get’s the plot going! The main character Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) becomes the legal guardian for her niece after her sister passes away in a car accident, causing her to lose control of her already clear-cut life. While juggling her niece and being the head chef of a well-known New York restaurant, Kate is assigned a sous-chef (Aaron Eckhart) who prompts major competition. This movie is so cute, especially as you see Kate grow from insensitive to warm. I legit wanted to tear up in the final scene because of how wholesome it was. Trailer


5. Mindhunter (TV Series, 2 Seasons – 2017)

I love Jonathan Groff, especially in his many previous roles (Looking, Frozen, Glee). This crime thriller is based on the true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, following FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they develop the methods to criminal profiling through interviews with actual serial killers! You’ll see famous murderers like Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, and Jerry Brudos. If you’re a crime-junkie or admire the psychology behind serial killers, this show is for you! They have amazing casting for each person; you will be amazed at how stop-on the actual interviews are with each serial killer. This is my sh*t. Trailer


6. What/If (TV Series, 1 Season – 2019)

Imagine having the opportunity of receiving 80 million dollars to trade your spouse for one night with another person. Venture capitalist Anna Montgomery offers CEO of a biotech startup, Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, this deal AND SHE TAKES IT. Last-minute she regrets it and tries to stop the air-tight, contractual deal–but is too late. Crazy enough, there is so much happening behind the scenes that make you wonder “was this all planned?” Many characters are brought in, dealing with their issues like hidden secrets, affairs, and murder. This series (yes, there will be more seasons coming) analyzes the consequences of what can happen when good people start doing bad things. Trailer


7. Russian Doll (TV Series, 1 Season – 2019)

You’ve probably seen her in Orange Is the New Black, but Natasha Lyonne is making a comeback as yet another impressive character! When Nadia celebrates her 36th birthday, everything is normal. It isn’t until she gets hit by a car, that things turn upside down–or should I say, “Rewind.” Nadia is living the same day over and over again, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Then she meets Alan, who’s going through the same thing. Watch this twisted, dark humor season (and get ready for more to come). Trailer


8. Trinkets (TV Series, 1 Season – 2019)

Kleptomania is a real thing. It’s the inability to refrain from the urge to steal, even if it isn’t directly beneficial to you. This show centers on not one, not two, but three kleptos who find themselves becoming friends and sharing their experiences. Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha bind together after meeting at Shoplifters Anonymous, finding strength in each other as they deal with their separate problems. This show is truly a good time and you will find yourself feeling awkward but wanting to watch more. I recommend taking the time to watch and gain a little perspective. Trailer


9. Whitney Cummings (Film, 59 mins – 2019)

Whitney Cummings is funny as hell. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care who wants to argue with me about it. I said it. In this special, Whitney talks about some of the recent social changes, including sexual harassment, sex robots, and service dog buttholes. Her history in having her own television show, plus her previous stand-ups, has given her substantial background in comedy, so I believe you would enjoy all of her jokes. If you feel you could handle the comedic relief around feminism and reverse cat-calling, be my guest! Trailer


10. Lunatics (TV Show, 1 Season – 2019)

Chris Lilley has a history of meshing himself into a variety of roles (like my favorite Ja’mie). In this hilarious comedy based on six very different characters, Chris Lilley portrays a sexual fashion wannabe, a 7-foot-3 college girl, an obnoxious 12-year-old heir to an English country estate, a famous lesbian pet psychic, an incompetent real estate agent, and a former adult film star. Chris Lilley will make you laugh your “arse” off and you won’t finish this show without thinking “what the actual f*ck?” Trailer


Bonus Film: The King (Film, 2 hours 20 mins – 2019)

This historical drama follows young Henry V, as he becomes King of England as a result of his father’s death. Timothee Chalamet (recently known for his part in Call Me By Your Name) accurately portrays King Henry V, from his drunken nights to his authoritative approach to peace in England. Also, let’s not forget about Robert Pattinson’s role as the Prince of France. If you’re a history buff, or just like to see some great acting, take some time to watch this one. It’s pretty gnarly. Trailer


Feel free to let me know (@Javi_Lucatero) what you think about my recommendations, or if you think another show/movie should have been recognized above my choices. I love hearing of other items to watch on Netflix, and I almost always watch them. 


*all photos are courtesy of Netflix*

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