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5 Foolproof Hacks for a Successful Semester

Hairties. Everywhere.

While I LOVE getting ready and cute for school, I personally can’t keep my hair down for long. Besides wearing a scrunchie every day as jewelry, style, and a backup hairtie, I also keep hairties all around my life. I put a few around my gear shifter in my car, around my Takeya water bottle, around my key rings, and of course in my purse and backpack. You can order bulk hairties on Amazon for super cheap and scatter the hairties all around!

Prepare for the Apocalypse (a.k.a. keep a good stash of snacks)

Sometimes, we end up with a schedule of many back to back classes. Don’t be that person with a stomach louder than the professor. It’s great to have snacks in you bag, backpack, purse, and/or murse. My favorite choices are Clif builder bars, apple sauce gushers, and pb & honey sandwiches. It’s smart to stock some protein and fiber-rich snacks for the breaks between classes so that you can stay focused and energized until there’s time for a full meal!

Organize Your Syllabi

A trick I picked up after freshman year of college was having the syllabus for each of my classes downloaded onto my computer files. Most professors give a hard copy but it’s a great idea to download each one and rename them so you can easily find them. For example, I can download my business ethics syllabus and title it BUS 343 Syllabus Fall 2019. Having them downloaded helps when you need to check for your professors’ email addresses or attendance policies throughout the semester!

Amazon Rentals!

We all have probably learned the hard way that buying textbooks through the student store is always more expensive than alternatives such as renting from the library, online versions, or directly through the distributor. Amazon has awesome programs for college students, one of which is Amazon rentals. It's something to keep in mind during the financial and urgent stress of purchasing textbooks.

Adjusting Phone Notifications

After summer ends, it’s time to get back to the school grind. It’s a good idea to go through your notifications to make sure you will keep up with school emails and Group Me/Remind messages. Clubs are back in session and you have the opportunity to unsubscribe from old responsibilities or past class notifications. This tip will definitely help you declutter and organize. Practicing accountability in the beginning of the year is crucial to doing well all semester long!

Bonus Tip! 

One challenging but effective way to be succesful this school year is to put your phone away. Putting your phone in your backpack or better yet, leaving it in your dorm or car is one simple but huge technique to practice mindfulness, presence, and grow your knowledge. It's so easy to check out of class by scrolling through Instagram. It's much harder to disconnect and be fully in the moment. Yet, you have the opportunity to make better relationships with professors, participate in class, and present your questions. 

I hope these tips hit home for you and will help you foster some prosperity this school year. Time for class, gotta put my phone away!

I have been vegetarian/pescatarian for over 3 years. I am an aspiring yoga instructor and make acai bowls at work on my days off of school:)
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