4 Ways to Ease Loneliness and Find Joy in the Midst of Uncertainty and Change

This year has been a difficult one for people who have struggled to adjust to the rapid changes that have taken place in such a short space of time. Those of us who are used to being social are struggling to adjust to a life of lockdown and restrictions, whilst those who are more introspective are battling with overthinking more than they are used to. So, in this article we are going to delve into 4 practical ways to ease loneliness and find joy in the midst of uncertainty and change.


1) Reach Out To People

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I know you might feel tempted to be an island, but reach out to others and pull them on shore. You never know who else might be drowning and reaching out to others may not only help you feel less alone, but it will also bring you joy. You will additionally be helping yourself by looking both outward and inward. This brings me to my second point.


2) Get Out Of Your Own Head

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It can be so tempting to overthink and agonise over the things that we can’t change. We have a tendency to be self-centred as human beings, and we entertain fears, doubts and scenarios in our heads that only serve to hurt us. “I feel like this pandemic is never going to end”, “What if I don’t make it?”, “What will happen to me?.” If I can paraphrase from one of Jesus’ famous sayings in the Bible; which of you, by worrying, can add one more second to your lives? Getting out of your own head can help you. It’s not good to overthink so much. Sometimes you NEED human interaction to set you straight. There is nothing abnormal about worrying, but focusing so much on what you cannot change will only make you depressed and lonely. Instead, lean on people by sharing your thoughts and feelings; don’t keep them all to yourself.


3) Get To Know Yourself

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Use this time to get to know yourself. What are your interests? What are you good at and what do you enjoy? Once you start to figure this out and who you are, you will start to actually like your own company. Discovering your purpose is a beautiful thing. Even when you are inevitably alone for some time, you won’t be as lonely because you will be working towards something you care about.  


4) Take Yourself Out 

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Get out of that small dungeon you call a dorm room, get out of bed, draw the curtains and take yourself out. Be it a cafe or a park, there are many places you can go to simply change your environment. If you find yourself being unproductive and lazy, it’s probably because you need to change your setting. Going out to a cafe, even if it’s by yourself, can really help you when it comes to self care. If you’re in London, take the bus or the tube and go to your nearest cafe to get some work done. It can be really fun exploring different places and coming across parks or a restaurant that you really like. So go on, take yourself on an adventure. You DESERVE it!