Best Friends Piggyback 2

Check In On Your Friends

It’s midterm season, spring break seems so close, yet so far away. College is hard and having all of your classes pile on tests, quizzes, and essays in the last two weeks before spring break is pretty miserable. Your body can easily shut down without sleep, water, and eating properly. Between studying and going to classes it’s easy to neglect your self-care. When you’re that overwhelmed it’s hard to focus yourself rather than on anyone else. 

Everyone is away from home and feeling a little alone. The amount of work can make it seem like the semester will never end. Having a friend reach out can make all the difference. There are a couple of little things you can do to let your friends know you’re there for them. 

  1. 1. Leave a note.

    Write a quote on a sticky note and leave it somewhere they can find it. This is one of my go-to’s because my roommates always keep them. By the end of the year, there will be a little stack of positive sticky notes.

  2. 2. Send a quote.

    Pinterest is the best place to get any quote you desire. They’re always made on a super cute graphic and you can scroll endlessly to find the one that you feel will make your friend happy. The best part is that there are enough to send them frequently and never send the same quote twice!

  3. 3. Text a gif.

    Everyone loves gifs and there are so many options. Any movie, tv-show, artist, etc. has a gif and will put a smile on your friend's faces! There are cute ones, funny ones, happy ones, and so many more. Who wouldn’t like getting a gif?

  4. 4. Make extras for dinner.

    The hardest thing is coming home from a long day and getting the energy to make a healthy dinner. If you can make dinner and are home before your friends make some extras. They’ll be so thankful to come home to a plate ready to be put in the microwave.

  5. 5. Hug them.

    This sounds lame, but after a long week of working hard and being alone, a hug can make all the difference. Everyone loves a good hug and it’s a small way to show you care about them.

Take time out of your day to rest and practice some self-care. You can’t be there for others when you haven’t taken the time to check in on yourself. Do your best to take care of yourself and then look out for your friends. With everyone checking in on one another your semester will seem a bit easier, especially during midterms and finals.