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How I am Destressing During Finals Week & How You Can Too

Finals week is quickly approaching, which means lots of studying, stress, and cramming. Remember to give your brain a break and find time to relax throughout your preparation and completion of your finals! Here is how I plan on de-stressing during these last weeks of the semester and how you can too.

Spending time in the Oak Grove & nature

Everyone at IUP knows about the infamous Oak Grove on campus: where students lay on blankets, set up hammocks, have picnics, study, and relax. Many college campuses have a perfect section of nature to escape to like the Oak Grove. I will be enjoying the sun and nature in between studying to relax and get my mind off finals this week!

Spa Night (on a budget)

Another plan I have during these next two weeks is to have a spa night with my girls. Not only will we be relaxing, but also spending quality time together before returning home (queue the tears.) Since my college girls know how to ball on a budget, we will be doing face masks and pedicures in the comfort of our dorm!

Axe Throwing

This is more of a way to get my frustration out in addition to destressing, but I have always wanted to try this, and what better time than during finals week? PS: the place near IUP offers student discounts, and this is becoming much more popular, so check to see if there is an axe throwing location near your campus!

Poetry Night

My incredibly creative friend came up with this idea: having a poetry night where we all write and share poetry together! This is a good way to harness your creativity and imagination while also destressing. A fun group poetry activity I have done with friends before: we each write one to two lines that connect with the previous lines of the poem. After, you have a beautiful poem that was created by the entire group!


Again, this is something I have been meaning to give a try and simply have not. Yoga has incredible stress-relieving and health benefits, so finals week is the perfect time to give it a try. I will be asking my yoga-expert friend to help me, but you can also search for a yoga class on campus or a simple beginner video online!

Now get out there and crush those finals! You got this!

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