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4 Simple Exercises to do in your Dorm Room

We all know the struggle of wanting to lose weight. A lot of us tend to make plans and resolutions to do so but fail to go along with the plan. If you are anything like me, getting up and motivated to actually get to the gym is a struggle. Over the past semester I’ve come up with four simple exercises that are affective and easy to do right in the comfort of your own dorm.

1. Abs, Abs and Abs

(Photo by Pixabay)

Everyone dreams of having that flat stomach though for most of us it’s difficult when there is such a thing called doughnuts. To start the workout, grab a yoga mat, or a blanket in this case, lay on the floor and start doing 30-50 crunches. It may feel like it’s killing you, but it will be worth it!


2. Stronger Arms, Stronger Mind(Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom)

I hate going to the gym and going straight to the weights. I personally feel out of place; therefore, I skip the whole arm workout in general. Lately, I have been wanting to work on my arms, so I took a gallon of milk (or whatever you happen to have in your fridge) and started to lift that above my head. It’s not the greatest and fastest way to get rid of the jiggle on my arm, but they always say slow and steady wins the race.


3. The Grim, Dreadful Workouts

(Photo by Hannah Wells)

Hearing the words “wall sit” and “planks” make me want to run and never look back. Just lay your back on a clear wall and move closer to the floor until it looks like you are sitting in an invisible chair. I, personally, think the planks are easier to do, though just remember to keep your body flat. As horrible as these exercises might be they are going to be one of the most effective workouts you do.

4. Be a Frog

(Photo by Patrick Beznoska)

As weird as it sounds, you have to imagine a frog and how high they can jump. Then try to be that frog. For this workout all you simply need is a chair. Pull out the chair in the center of the room, then jump on it, then jump back down. This will workout your legs and may even get your downstairs neighbor a little annoyed, so don’t do too many. After you are done with the chair jumps, you can do seated jumping jacks, which relieves the pressure on the legs. You simply continue to do the motions you would do with a normal jumping jack, you just don’t jump.


Many people, like myself, always make excuses to why they don’t workout. But if you continue to do these four simple exercises and add more along the way, you will see results in no time!

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