How to Not Dread the Treadmill

Working out can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Eventually, it can seem like you are going through the same motions until it starts to feel pointless and leads to forgetting the gym completely. Motivation and discipline are key to staying consistent at the gym, but it may not be completely effective if you are not enjoying your workout. A lot of people hate going to the gym simply because they dread the treadmill (and honestly who can blame you?). Getting on a treadmill every day and running for a specified amount of time or distance can get very old very quick. So, I am here to give you some tips so you don’t have to wake up every day and dread the treadmill!

1. Take a Step Off the Treadmill

One reason why you may be getting tired of the treadmill may be because you are doing it too often. Having a routine is good, but you want to switch your workout up in order to fully maximize the benefits for your body. So, for your next workout, try another machine like the elliptical or stair stepper, or maybe even a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout to get your body moving in a different way.


2. Find a Distraction

While doing a long run every day may not necessarily be the best option for your fitness goals, if you feel inclined to do so, distract yourself by turning on your favorite Netflix show on your phone and watch an episode or two. You will be surprised how quickly the time goes by!


3. Walking on Incline

Running can often have a negative connotation to it. If you aren’t ready to run, start by walking on an incline. This burns a lot of calories and gets your heart rate up, without the dread of running added to it. 

4. Interval Sprint Training

One of the things that I have found that gets me motivated to get on the treadmill is interval training. Instead of running at a constant pace for thirty minutes or so, I like to set the speed to a sprinting pace and sprint for about 30 seconds and then take a 30 second break. You can repeat this for about 10 times for a great workout. I like to finish it off with a cool down walk to get some extra steps in.

5. Run Harder, Not Longer

Cardio isn’t a competition of who can be on the treadmill for the longest amount of time. If you want to cut your time on the treadmill down, up your speed to something that really pushes you and run for ten to twenty minutes. This can be just as good for you as running for thirty to forty minutes on a pace that you are comfortable at. 


While the treadmill may not be everyone’s favorite machine, it is definitely the most common and popular for people to use. If you dread it now, these tips will be sure to help you find motivation to hop on the treadmill and get in a good cardio workout!

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