Health and Wellness Resources on Campus

We’re in the thick of midterm season, and you’re probably not taking as many breaks as you should. Your 8 week class could be ending, and the looming second half of the semester is an unknown. It’s a strange time of year, mentally and physically-even the weather can’t sort out its mind. Instead of frantically Googling how to cope with stress or how to better your time management, I thought I’d make the process easier for you. The University of Illinois has a ton of resources to help you out in all sorts of ways. The following are resources that can help you during this season, and in future circumstances as well.

Health Resources:

At Illinois, we have a couple of health-related resources like the McKinley Health Center, and the Counseling Center. Since my freshman year, I’ve visited them a few times. There’s no shame in using either, especially if you’re as sick as a dog (your roommate will thank you) or need mental clarity. It also helps that these are both free of charge (except if you need to buy medicine from McKinley’s pharmacy…). McKinley offers walk-ins, while the Counseling Center prefers you call to schedule an appointment. I admit you need to call at 8 a.m. sharp because they usually fill all of their day-of spots, unless you are a regular whereas you and your counselor will work directly in line with your schedules. Both are fine resources that you should always keep in mind in times of need. At the moment, McKinley is offering free flu shots at a variety of clinics across campus and at their location on Lincoln Avenue, so make sure you drop by!

Physical Activity Resources:

If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep, or need to expense some energy after studying, try going to either the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) or the Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE). Sometimes your schedule works against you, and you don’t have enough time to take a shower, but if you can squeeze some time in, it’s great for your mental and physical strength! The ARC has ample space for group activities and sports, and multi-level spaces for weight-lifting and machines (plus a sauna, I might add). CRCE is a little more intimately sized, plus has a really fun pool setup (with a jacuzzi… there’s a theme here). Both locations are well-equipped, but if you’re looking for freedom of variety and spaces, the ARC is probably your best bet. If you live at the IKE, well shouldn’t you be selling me on this!? Regardless of which, both provide you the physical space to let off some steam during this season and beyond.

Inspiring Resources:

As an art student, I’m aware of the influence museums and galleries have on inspiring my work or just make for a good visit. For instance, if you’re looking for a fun educational break, seek out the Krannert Art Museum or Spurlock Museum. The Krannert, which opened in 1961, is the second largest art museum in the state behind the Art Institute of Chicago. The museum is also connected to the Link Gallery which regularly features student work and exhibitions. In addition to student work in formal galleries, students commonly host their own exhibitions with the help of student submissions in gallery spaces and house shows all over Urbana-Champaign. The Spurlock, which was originally housed on the 4th floor of Lincoln Hall in 1911, and later moved to Gregory St. in 2002, features cultural and archeological collections from around the world. On the northern end of campus the Illini Union Art Gallery features exhibitions of student submitted proposals. Wherever you may be on campus, these are a handful of spaces that serve to make you stop and ponder, and hopefully inspire.

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