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Fun Workout Classes to Keep you in Shape

The gym. A place some of us wish we had more time for as busy college students, and when we do make time to go, doing the same workouts on exercise machines can get dull after a while. We’ve all been there before, right ladies? Working out doesn’t have to be a boring. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Whether you’re looking to switch up your routine, shed some pounds or tone up, check out this list of fun workout classes you’re sure to enjoy!



If you like full-body workouts with music while using drumsticks, then Pound may be the perfect class for you. They are light-weight, and you pound the floor to the beat of your favorite music. This class can help improve your rhythm, timing, coordination and speed by incorporating intervals with each 2-4 minute song that will leave you feeling strong and accomplished. If that’s not convincing enough, you can burn up to 900 or more calories per hour.



This is not for the faint of heart. Body Attack is a high-energy fitness class that is available as a 30, 45 or 55 minute workout. Although it’s intense, the moves are catered for beginners or pros, combing cardio moves with strength training for a well-rounded workout. I went to a class without ever going before, and I will never forget how I felt at the end of it. I was drenched in sweat, but felt energized and ready to tackle the day. You can burn up to 730 calories by the end of the workout.

Aqua Cycling

As if cycling isn’t painful and challenging enough, right? Aqua cycling takes it to another level. It takes place in a 4 feet pool, so that you are pedaling against the water resistance. This type of spinning engages more of your body than the traditional way by engaging your core and back to create smooth pedal strokes. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are with fitness; it is low impact so anyone can do it and is impact free on your joints. Aqua cycling also improves cardio endurance and enhances your flexibility. Plus, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour.


Aerial Yoga

Take yoga to the next step with this unique alternative. This class is all about doing yoga poses with the supports of a soft, fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling. Aerial yoga may seem a bit intimidating, but fitness experience does not matter with the class either, as it is easy to adapt to the poses in a way that is comfortable for you. Physical release, strength, energy and awareness of breath and body are a few of the benefits of practicing this type of yoga.

The next time you want to ditch the workout machines and be snapped into shape, experience something new and keep these workout classes in mind. You never know, one might be your new favorite.


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