Fitness and Health Instagram Influencers to Follow

Do you need motivation to work out or inspiration for cooking healthier meals? Instagram may just be the place to look for those answers. Although there are countless Instagram influencers who promote healthy lifestyles and workout regimens, there are three that stand out. These influencers include Kenzie Burke, Cambrie Schroder, and Kayla Itsines. These influencers have not necessarily received degrees in nutrition, but they have used their personal experiences and shared their meal recipes to help their followers live a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Kenzie Burke

Kenzie Burke takes being a fitness influencer to a next level with her findings of a diet consisting of food combining. Food combining is knowing what food groups, such as fruit, starches, animal proteins, nuts & seeds, and legumes & beans, to combine that are quick for your body to digest. She offers certain meals that follow food combining and different restaurants that follow food combining. In addition, she posts positive affirmations daily on her page. Burke cares about not only the physical health, but the mental health of her followers and herself as well. She is a huge up and coming health Instagram influencer that has helped many followers lose weight by applying her food combining diet and having a more positive mindset.

2. Cambrie Schroder

“Fit with Cambrie” is Cambrie Schroder’s brand of organic health supplements and workout videos that have helped her followers lean out their body. She has a website that allows Instagram users to purchase protein powders, a fit kit including a resistance band, meal plans, and sign up for her classes. Similar to Kenzie Burke, Schroder also posts daily positive affirmations and thoughts for followers to be inspired by. Her business has grown immensely since selling her products because of the amount of positive transformations that have been the outcome. From her unique sense of style to her motivational Instagram stories to inspire her followers, “Fit with Cambrie” is on the rise. 

3. Kayla Itsines

Lastly, fitness guru Kayla Itsines is the most famous out of the three influencers named. A mother of one who transformed her own body and lifestyle into a healthy one has helped millions. She created the well-known app called SWEAT, which includes workout plans and easy healthy meal recipes. SWEAT allows users to not only be able to receive workout tips from professional personal trainers, but it also offers them to track their progress. Itsines Instagram has become so popular because of range of posts including delicious meals, inspiration transformational posts, at home workouts, dream destination photos, and more. 

When wanting motivation to create a healthier lifestyle, choosing one of these three influencers to follow will help. Their content has influenced users to change their mindset of how to incorporate better nutrition and exercise into their lives. Each fitness Instragramer offers their followers programs or advice that have already transformed many people’s outlook on health. Give them a follow and get your workout on! 

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