5 Fitness Options to Have Your Most Confident Summer Yet

School is almost out and Summer is coming! Wahoo! That means hittin the beach and pool as much as possible. Not too excited about slipping into a bikini this year? Well let me tell you, you are not alone on that one. With a few weeks left before summer break begins, I am hitting the gym to make sure I feel confident this year. I researched fun ways to get moving this Spring so you don’t have to. Here are 5 options to help you feel fit af this Summer!


Tone It up- Have you heard of the sisterhood of gals getting healthy and feeling great through diet and exercise? The Tone It Up girl gang is a real thing and only getting bigger. Through videos online and through their app you can work alongside friends to get fit. They also have their own book of recipes and challenges to help you not dive into the Ben and Jerry’s.

Blogilates- The online classes are no joke. There are tons of videos to target certain areas and you have the comfort of staying in your own home if the gym is intimidating you to begin. Cassey Ho walks you through each video, motivating you along the way. It is all about challenging yourself and seeing what you can do each day with your body.

Local gym- This is an easy one. Going to your local gym and trying any of the machines is a great place to start. Ask a friend to join you or even better make a few friends while you are there. Working out is much more fun when you are not alone.

Corepower Yoga- Want to sweat it out? And I mean seriously sweat? Then try a class of hot yoga at Core Power! It is more than your average yoga class. Make sure you drink a lot of water beforehand and bring some with you. The poses and the heat will leave you sore for days. But, in a good way.

Orange theory- Want a mix of activities instead of just using one machine? Want a community based feeling? Then Orange Theory might be for you! The classes are very challenging but with the support of the people around you will feel amazing at the end. Treadmill, weights, and everything in between Orange Theory is definitely something to try at least once.

Try a few classes here and there and see what you like. Working out is supposed to be fun, not a chore. These options will help you get started on living a healthier lifestyle and making the most out of the body you were given. Make this Summer your most confident one!