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Woman Crush Wednesday: Olivia Crowley

Her Campus Hofstra has some badass women, so let’s meet them!

Up this week we have: Olivia Crowley, Her Campus Hofstra Marketing and Events Director


Major: Public Relations

Minor: Music

Hometown: Meriden, Connecticut

Member Since: September 2018 


Why did you join Her Campus?

“I’m a PR major, so you don’t get to write any opinion based articles. I’m really into fashion, music, and entertainment, and I wanted to find an outlet to write about that.”

What is your favorite part about being involved in Her Campus?

“I am the marketing and events director for Her Campus, so I like putting on events for the club. It makes me really happy when I see all of the girls come out and participate in the events that we put on. I also like getting free goodies at those events that we put on because we have really great sponsors.”

What is your favorite event that you have organized for Her Campus?

Either the Madewell event or the clothing swap, because clothes obviously. I think the clothing swap was a really good idea. Both the Presidents, Maddie and Madie came to me with the idea and I helped them create it. It was the first time we ran a clothing swap and it was really successful, and there were a lot of cute clothes that everyone had the chance to grab.”

What is your favorite article you have written for Her Campus?

“My favorite article that I have written is “Dragging Your Astrology Sign for Filth.” It was really accurate, I got a lot of compliments on it and I love astrology.”

What is your sign?

“Gemini… if you couldn’t tell.”

What is the worst aspect of Geminis?

“We are very two-faced. We have a lot of personalities, which is very difficult to keep up with. And we love to gossip.”

In your opinion, what are the best signs and the worst signs?

“The best signs, in my opinion, are Aquarius and Taurus. The worst signs are Leo, Libra, and Scorpio… or Aries… Actually all of them.”

What else are you involved in on Campus and what is your involvement like?

“I am in PRSSA, which is the public relations student chapter. I am on the e-board as the social media chair. I am in MEISA, the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association, and we put on music entertainment events and panels with people from the music industry. We will be holding a conference in the spring. And, I am a member of Hofstra Concerts.”

How did you decide to declare PR as your major?

“So I came in as a music business major and I had to audition to get into the school. But then I had a midlife crisis and I decided that it was too specific. I was worried that when I graduate I wouldn’t get a job and I also wouldn’t be able to do anything else because it was so specific. So I changed to PR because it’s similar. I wanted to do publicity for music. After changing, I had more variety to bounce around and could try different types of PR. I didn’t even realize Hofstra had such a great PR program.”

What do you like about being a PR major?

“I guess I like always being up-to-date. We always have to be aware of the newest trends. I downloaded TikTok yesterday and I was on it for, literally, hours. You also do something different every day, which I really like. You also don’t have to stay in the same field of PR, you can really bounce around and do whatever you want.”

Where does your interest in music PR come from?

“So, I have been involved in music for as long as I can remember. I used to dance to Sk8er Boy by Avril Lavigne on restaurant tables when I was four years old. I think my first concert was a Jonas Brothers concert with Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato back in the third grade. I also am a musician myself. I’ve always been very involved in the arts. I am voca,l but I learned to play the piano a little for covers and stuff. I also play the ukelele, barely. I think music is such a great outlet. And being on the back end, you can still be involved with the music and the publicity side of it. You still get all the cool benefits of going to shows and being close with the artist. That’s a really cool side of PR. I also like being very creative, and you still get to apply your creative talents, yourself.”

Where do you intern?

“I intern at Downtown Music Publishing in SoHo. I am a Marketing and Communications intern.”

What are the highlights and lowlights?

Highlights: “Working in the city and getting a feel for what it’s like to be in the city, which is what my future is going to be, hopefully, so I can understand what the stress of that is. Also, just being in New York is really fun and getting to see new things every day. There are always new places to explore and to discover. Every time I go to my internship, I take a different street to get there just to explore the area more. There are so many cute little cafes where I can pay seven dollars for a coffee.”

Lowlights: “Waking up at 6:30 every morning, that kind of sucks. Also, paying for train tickets when you don’t have a job really sucks. It’s just really expensive, but that’s New York baby. That’s intern life baby.”

What is something that Connecticut has that Long Island/New York is missing out on?

“A New England Fall. When I went home for October break, the trees were so beautiful. It was so nice and crisp. Everyone goes to apple harvests, everyone goes to the town fall fairs, and that’s just not something around here. The leaves don’t really change. They fall from the tree and that’s it. It’s not as pretty and it doesn’t really feel like fall here, which kind of sucks.”

What is your favorite part about New York City?

“I love New York City. I love the people. I love how no one cares about anyone. Everyone is in their own little world. On the subway, there are crackheads and nobody looks at them and that’s amazing.”

Best part about Long Island?

“Nothing… Oh wait, bagels are the heart and soul of Long Island, New York. My Three Sons in Garden City: a french Toast Bagel with cream cheese and jelly. I actually have a band music page; we are called Midnight Breakfast and we base it off of the bagel place. We go there every week, and their coffee…. so good. I pay like six dollars for coffee and a bagel, so cheap. And they are so nice there. I love them all.”

So, did you say you’re in a band?

“I mean it’s not like a band. My roommate and I make music. We don’t do anything original, but we make covers.  We have gone to a lot of concerts together and we both love music. She plays the guitar and like five other instruments. One day we were like ‘lets just jam together,’ so we did, and it sounded really cool. And so, we thought we could make this a thing, and if we become famous, then we can drop out of school — which is my biggest goal so…” 

Dream place to travel to?

Fiji or Greece or Bora Bora, but I am studying abroad next semester…”

Where are you studying abroad?

*in a British accent* “In London. In Kensington. And I am going to look for all five members of One Direction every day. I’ve never been out of the country, so I’m very excited! I’ll be taking electives and I have a lot of room in my schedule. I’ll have a lot of time for exploring while I’m over there.”

What are your top bucket list items for while you are over there? 

“Find Harry Styles and meet the queen.”

What do you want to do when you graduate?

“I would like to get an apartment in the city, a shoebox-sized apartment with my ten roommates. I want to work in publicity for a music label, preferably for Columbia because Harry Styles works on that one.” 

Do you have any pet peeves?

“Oh my god, annoying people. Just people, yeah.”

Speaking of pets, and animals, who is your spirit animal?

“My cat Chole. She is 11 years old. She is a calico cat and she is 20 pounds of pure goodness. She is so good and full of love.”

Do you have a celebrity idol?

“Harry Styles, baby! “Treat people with kindness”; we love him!”

Who is your favorite person you share a birthday with?

“I don’t know who I share a birthday with other than Kanye West and I don’t like him.”

Craziest conspiracy theory that you believe in?

“I am a big conspiracy theory believer. I think that we are behind in technology in comparison to the aliens and that they know we are here but we don’t know they are there yet because we don’t have the right technology. Time is an illusion. Reincarnation is real. But maybe this is my first life because I don’t get flashbacks or déjà vu. I want to be a cat in my next life, that would be nice.”

Do you believe in ghosts?

“Yes. My grandfather died before I even turned one and my mom told me that when I was four or five, I came into her room saying that I saw my grandfather in my room. So, maybe I’m a ghost whisper.”

What is your favorite fashion trend from any time ever?

“I like a good chunky boot or sneaker. I also love a band tee. I think it’s a very easy way to spice up your look with minimal effort.”

Least favorite fashion trend?

“I don’t even know, there are so many. Probably, like, velvet, or maybe like the e-boy look.”

Do you have a go-to power outfit?

“All black.”

Where is your favorite place to shop?

“Depop! It’s an online thrift store, so it’s sustainable and they have all of my favorite brands like Zara, Urban and others for super cheap and in amazing condition!”

What is your favorite makeup product? 

“The Glossier lip balm because they have tinted ones for a quick fix up to a bare face and they make my lips feel amazing! I am also obsessed with all things GLAMGLOW or Drunk Elephant.” 

What is your coffee order?

“I get a large iced caramel coffee with almond milk. But recently, I’ve been getting the Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks — but I burn my tongue so I don’t get it anymore.”

Favorite song?

“Watermelon Sugar.”

Favorite Artist?

“The 1975.”

Favorite Movie?

“500 Days of Summer.”

Best DCOM?

“Lemonade Mouth.”

Favorite TV show?


Courtney is a journalism and drama double major at Hofstra University. She is also the Associate Producer of the 30 minute HEAT network news program Hofstra Today as well as a News Anchor for the WRHU radio show The Screening Room. She loves all things Broadway, thinks a good cup of coffee is essential to a good day, and is obsessed with her cat. 
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