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Staying Healthy at College


Being active and eating well is a struggle at college. I’m stressed constantly and running around like a crazy person isn’t always conducive to eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. As college students,we are sedantary and consider grease and carbs our two main food groups. But it is possible to stay healthy on a college campus. Here are a few things to remember that help to keep me on track!

1. Free food is awesome but, for the love of God, don’t eat all of it. 9 times out of 10 it will be pizza or cookies, which are awesome (don’t deprive yourself!) but aren’t exactly the most healthy things. If clubs start giving out veggies and fruit then by all means, go nuts! But until then, maybe limit yourself.

2. Find time to go to the gym. It seems so simple, but it’s so easy to get into a pattern of school-work-Netflix. Instead, swap an hour of Netflix for a run, or try to make it to your school’s gym. Most schools offer fitness classes, which are a great way to get in an hour of cardio without having to figure out how to use all of the machines in the weight room.

3. Swap that caramel latte extra whip for some good old-fashioned coffee. I know, the sugary drinks are a delicious way to get a jolt of caffeine, but they’re also filled with sugar and fat that you don’t need to be starting your day off with. Try getting some good old fashioned coffee with skim milk if you can, and if you need some sweetness add as little as you possibly can.

4. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet. If your school’s meat selection is questionable or you’re just not into milk, you may be not be getting the nutrients you need. Try to get enough of each food group to avoid being sluggish.

5. Make going to the gym fun. Instead of something you have to do, make it something you want to do. Do you have a friend that you don’t get to see often? Set up a gym time together. That way, you can motivate each other and it won’t seem like such a chore.

Post originally from Melanie’s blog, http://obsessivecompulsiveundergrad.wordpress.com/.

I'm a sophomore journalism student with a minor in creative writing from Cranston, Rhode Island! I love writing, traveling, and anything having to do with food.
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