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Spring Cleaning: Why It's Essential for Your Health and Well-Being


Now that we’re rolling into March, it is time for some much needed spring cleaning. The urge to flip your life inside out and scrub every surface as Spring approaches is actually an age old tradition. During the 1800’s, it was originally done because the soot and grime from wood fires and kerosene lamps needed during the winter left houses covered in filth. It has also been proven that our minds release melatonin during the winter, making us more tired with less energy to be productive. So, as the sunlight approaches, it’s time to uncover the mothballs and dust left over from this past year. 


While most of us may have had no choice at home, spring cleaning becomes a harder task to accomplish when you’re a college student. Between classes, work and a social life, it can be nearly impossible to find time to really click refresh on your environment. However, spring cleaning is vital for your health and well-being. College students may be shocked at how much this daunting task is able to improve their physical and mental health.

A good spring cleaning can actually reduce your chances of allergies and improve the quality of air. Therefore, you are less likely to get sick if your living area is free of dust and grime. Spring cleaning can also increase productivity. Although it might be a challenge to get started, once you begin being productive through spring cleaning, you won’t want to stop. This increases organization and productivity in all aspects of life. Spring cleaning can also relieve stress. As a college student, stress is just part of everyday life. However, with a cleaner and neater environment, the mind can be calm and able to focus on other things. Lastly, sometimes a change of scenery is necessary. This year when cleaning, move some things around. Put your makeup in a different spot and organize your pencils differently. This can bring you out of your stressful and stuck mental state into a new and fresh feeling, ready for the rest of the year. 


Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task, but just take it one step at time. Make a list of everything you want to get done and tackle one item from the list a week. Before you know it, your living space will feel as good as new. Spring cleaning is something that many college students ignore, but it is essential for your health and well-being. Remember why it’s good for you and how easy it can be and start cleaning!Smiling woman wearing flower crown