Self-Care Sunday: De-stressing

Welcome back to Self-Care Sunday!

So, today I want to talk to you guys about how important de-stressing is for not only your mind but also your body. When you stress out, for whatever reason it may be, that creates a lot of issues in your body. It can off balance hormones, make you really tired, and even cause some serious health conditions. It's a really good idea to find what your best outlet is to de-stress. Here are some ideas: 

Writing can be one of the best outlets for releasing stress there is. A lot of the times you just have to simply talk about your problems but if your someone like me, you don't like to do that. For me, writing is a way for me to talk and have no one listen. It helps me think sometimes and also helps me get over things that aren't easy to digest. Try writing (or typing) just for a few minutes about what is going on with your life. Sometimes I even start out with a list of "Why am I stressed out" and then try to find the best solutions to stop me from stressing out about it. For example, School loans stress me out but there isn't anything that I can really do about that at this moment so I kinda just have to let it go. Or if it is about a test coming up, I can only do the best that I can so maybe stop binge-watching Netflix so much and study more. Our bodies have a way of shutting down when we get to stressed out so you need to overcome that and get back into the motivated spirit!

Being Creative

Being creative in whatever way you want is always good. It uses a different side of your brain than other daily tasks that you would use for school. You may think that you aren't a creative person but everyone is. You don't have to be a good painter, or drawer, or even good at DIY. Maybe you are good with fashion – that is creativity as well. Matching colors, making outfits, this all involves using some sort of creative ability. 


As we all know, shopping is a whole lotta fun. Sometimes our wallets don't like it but when our mental state is lacking, you can probably work it out! There have been numerous studies that have been proven to show that shopping actually drops your stress level. So when in doubt, go to the mall!

Working out

For some, working out or being active is their perfect way to release all that built up stress. Running, playing basketball, soccer, lifting weights and even yoga. Ever try doing yoga right as you get up in the morning? Or even right before you go to bed? It could make a world of difference. Exercising can also help you sleep better and feel better too!

Pampering yourself 

Who doesn't love facials, getting their nails done and spas? Sometimes, your stress goes beyond what you can handle so getting a massage, getting your nails done or even just putting on a face mask will give you that extra boost that you need to get your motivation back! 

There are so many other outlets that you can use to de-stress so don't let college put you in a place that you don't want to be! Try as hard as you can to be positive and not let stress get the best of you!