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Motivating Yourself to Go to the Gym in the Cold

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.


Ahh winter-time. A season for big comfy sweatshirts, sweatpants, Ugg boots and don’t forget, mid-semester blues where we find ourselves cramming in homework and study time between classes. It’s also a time where we tend to hibernate, opting out on any physical activities to stay in, nice and warm and surf around on Netflix. Notice, G-Y-M wasn’t mentioned in that wintertime equation.

I know it’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym in the cold. I know you would much rather stay in with your girlfriends and bake warm, chocolate chip cookies instead of trudging all the way to the Fitness Center. Well, I read somewhere that the best summer bodies are made in the wintertime. If that wasn’t motivating enough, I searched the web for awesome work-out videos for some inspiration. It’s true, you gotta stay motivated and hungry for that fit-bod throughout the year in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even though it’s easy to hide away in big sweatpants and sweatshirts, you’ve got to keep the energy going! Here are some steps on how to do that.

Take a picture, hang it up

Pictures are most certainly worth a thousand words. They can also serve as a motivational purpose. Hang a picture of you and your friends at the beach in your bikinis, or a picture of your favorite athlete in your dorm, in an area you’re sure to look at everyday. It’ll be a clear reminder to help reach your goal of getting that fit body for the summer, even just motivating you to jump out of bed and head to the Fitness Center. Trust me – it really works!

Write Out A Routine

When you write, you remember. Put together a workout routine and add it into your daily schedule. Figure out what time you can squeeze in the gym, whether it be before class, between classes, or after class, and write down what you’d like to achieve that day. Maybe Monday is leg day, Tuesday is a total body workout day. Having a routine keeps you organized and in check. Another great motivator  keeping your mind clear and calm as you head to the gym with a plan.

Bring A Friend

Going to the gym alone not only is not as fun, but it can often times be a bit intimidating. Encourage a friend or even try and make friends at the gym, who you know you’ll see there often to help motivate and comfort you during your workout sessions. A gym buddy is a great way to not only motivate yourself, but motivate others to keep active during the winter months.

Countdown to Success

Spring break booked? Well that’s a perfect motivator to get your butt to the gym. Create a countdown chart that you can hang in your dorm room, set up a reminder alarm about it to keep your goals in check. Having something look forward to, an event that you’d like to “be fit by” is the perfect way to get your body moving!

Keep on, keepin’ on, collegiettes! 

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Rae Cox


Rachel is a senior at Hofstra University where she majors in journalism with minors in fine arts photography and creative writing. The Rochester, NY native is involved in several organizations on campus including the Hofstra chapters of Ed2010 and She's the First. She is also an RA in a freshman residence hall. Rachel has interned at College Lifestyles, Cosmopolitan, The Knot Magazine, and is now interning at Us Weekly. She hopes to someday fulfill her dreams of being an editor at a magazine. Until then, she is a dreamer, a wanderlust and a lover of haikus. Follow her on Twitter for silly and sarcastic tidbits @rcrocetti!