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4 Easy Fitness Routines to do in Your Dorm Room

Getting to the gym during the school week can be a challenging task to accomplish. Especially if your dorm room is not particularly close to the gym, then laziness usually overcomes us or if you’re like me, the gym may be intimidating at times. Save time and comfort by working out in your room.

Though you may not have the fancy equipment that the gym usually supplies you with, that does not mean that you still cannot get a good workout into your daily routine. Here are some quick and easy workout routines that can help you get started on working out:

1. Your desk can be used for more than just studying and can actually be used to help strengthen your arms.

Put your arms a little wider than shoulder-width apart on your desk. Keep your feet on the ground, back straight, and your chest up while lowering down, like a normal pushup. Get back into your starting position and try to aim for three sets of ten.

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2. Next, you can get your core in shape by placing a yoga mat or towel underneath you on the floor for comfort.

Start out with doing 30 crunches with your feet shoulder-width apart and on the floor. After, do 30 more with you feet off the ground at a 90-degree angle. To finish, do another 30 with your legs lifted straight in the air, and try to do 2 sets of this. If you want to challenge yourself some more, then add a plank at the end starting out with 30 seconds, and the more comfortable you get, then keep increasing the length of time.

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3. Take that desk chair and turn it into a workout machine.

If your glutes are the target, then this is the perfect tool to use to get them in shape. Put your chair against the wall and stand shoulder-width apart in front of it. Keep your back straight, and bend your knees and lower down until your butt almost touches the chair, then rise back up into your starting position. Try to do 3 sets of 15.

Image courtesy of @luciefarkas_pt

4. If you have some space in your room, then take advantage of it and do some burpees.

This will work a variety of muscles. If you’ve never done a burpee before, start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your weight into your heels and lower into a squat. Put your hands in front of you, between your legs. With your weight in your hands, jump into a plank position making sure that your body is in a straight line. Next, jump your feet towards the outside of your hands and then jump to a standing position with your hands above your head. Now do 3 sets of 10.

Image courtesy of @retrofitnessfit

Going to the gym doesn’t have to feel like another job, especially if it is from the comfort of your own room. Try these easy workout routines and get in shape without leaving the comfort of your dorm.



Rylee Johnston is senior at Hofstra University studying  journalism. She has a passion for traveling and entertainment, and even spent four months abroad in London. When she isn't blogging about her travels, you can find her watching The Bachelor or planning her next adventure. Follow her on Instagram @ryleejuanita.
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