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This article series is all about getting into making delicious, healthy, and different smoothies! Each part focuses on one central aspect of the smoothie. This one is all about the greens you can use. Make sure to read the first two parts of the series if you need some general info or advice on the base.

Green smoothies are fantastic! They are pretty and tasty and sort of make you feel like a superior human being. They’re also my favorite way of tricking myself into eating greens, which is always nice. Here are some options to consider.


Dark, leafy greens are very good for your health! Rich both in vitamins and fiber, spinach makes the perfect green smoothie ingredient! The taste is fairly mild as well, which makes it easy to mask with fruit, berries or juice if you don’t enjoy the veggie as such. Spinach blends easily and is one of the most commonly used ingredients for green smoothies.


Let’s be real – you absolutely don’t have to eat kale to be healthy but there’s no denying it’s good for you. When you use kale in your smoothies, try to add ingredients that make for a smoother texture (think mango, avocado, etc.) because the clunkiness is real! A good blender and ingredients that tie the mix together (again, avocado is great for this) guarantee a more enjoyable smoothie experience. Celery works similarly, texture-wise, but gives a nice, sharp flavor profile to your green drink. Try it with ginger and lime for a spicy and sour taste!


Chlorella and spirulina can be great additions to your smoothie. With all the vitamins, they are bound to give your smoothie some extra kick. However, they can be costly, and are by no means a must have product for the smoothie maker. Furthermore, the flavors are… well, let’s just say, strong. I recommend tasting the product before using these in your smoothies and following the recommended dosages. Be sure to check with your doctor if they’re a good fit for you as well. Some conditions do not allow for algae-based products.

Next week, we’ll share advice on the sweets!

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