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This article series is all about getting into making delicious, healthy, and different smoothies! Each part focuses on one central aspect of the smoothie. This one is all about the liquid, or the base. (Check out our little intro to get into that smoothie making mood!)

What to use for my smoothie? It entirely depends on what other ingredients you’re working with, obviously, but water, plant milk and juice are some of the most common liquids for making smoothies.


Water works with everything. Well, almost everything: if you’re using dairy products in your smoothies, the consistency might get a bit weird if you use water. Other than that, water makes for a great base! It makes the smoothie more liquid-y and light, which is something you might want particularly with green smoothies with veggies and fruits. Try adding some ice for a slushie-like smoothie!

Plant Milk

Oat, almond, rice… you name it! Plant milk is a great option for your smoothie base. It makes the flavour richer without adding heaviness to your mix which is fantastic for smoothies that use denser ingredients (e.g oats, nuts, avocado). Try out different ones and pick a favourite! For a creamier flavour and thicker consistency, you might want to go for coconut cream. It can help make your smoothie a fuller, more satisfying drink if you just need a quick energy boost on the go!


Want to get into green smoothies but hate the taste of kale and spinach? Worry not! Just use juice as your base (or a juice-water mixture) to hide the flavours you don’t like. If you have the time, make your own. If not, pick one that suits your smoothie needs. Fresh, cold-pressed juice is best given its health benefits. Another option can be to go with water and chuck a generous amount of fruit in – that way, you get the fruity flavour and the fiber!

Next week, we’ll share advice on the greens!

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