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Mental Health

Why Mental Health Days in College Should be a Thing

We all hit that point in the semester where everything just becomes too much. You’ve had classes, work, meetings, and extracurriculars for three weeks straight with no breaks, and spring break still is not for another two weeks. You are burnt out and the workload never seems to be ending. What you really need is a day to just relax.

This is why I think college students should have a designated mental health day once every several weeks where there are no classes or other activities scheduled. Everyone, professors included, would be able to use the time as they please. I know some people may take advantage of this quiet and relaxing day by using it as another day to drink or be rowdy, but a large majority would find it beneficial. Students could take the time to catch up on work, get some much needed sleep, clean up their dorms- pretty much everything they have been wanting to do but have not had the time to yet complete. Having a day to spend as you please can ease your mind when things become a little too chaotic.

I have professors that have canceled class before because they too realize when things become too much and need time to regroup. Taking mental health day once every several weeks is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of the time people will feel more refreshed and in a better mindset to go back into class and other activities with a clear mind and give it their all.

Linsey Wolf

Gustavus '20

Hello! My name is Linsey. I study English Education at Gustavus. In my free time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, spending time with my friends and being outdoors. 
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