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The amounts of nights I have spent rolling around in bed, switching positions, counting sheep, meditating, and eagerly searching up relaxation techniques on the internet are endless. With the stress of school, pending assignments, and nearing finals, on top of the pressure of balancing day to day tasks and a social life, shutting my brain down and going to sleep has gone from something I used to look forward to, to being one of the most difficult parts of my day. Despite the countless medications and remedies on the market aimed at aiding with sleep and relaxation, I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that there was another way, other than putting unfamiliar ingredients and chemicals into my body to get to sleep.



Fortunately, just as I was about to accept and learn to cope with my abnormal sleeping patterns due to stress and anxiety, I was introduced to Hush Blankets, and I have never been happier. Hush Blankets are unlike any normal comforter or fuzzy blanket that you may already own or have seen on the market. Hush Blankets are unique for an abundance of reasons, but specifically due to its weight, which is noted to be 3-5 times heavier than a typical duvet. Weighted blankets have been used for decades within the medical field in order to help those suffering from an abundance of disorders including OCD, ADHD, and sleep anxiety. Moreover, the Hush weighted blankets were created with Deep Touch Pressure technology which helps you to settle down, relax, and fall asleep.


The incredible technology behind the Hush Blankets was crafted by a group of sleep specialists in Toronto, who spent over 1000 hours carefully improving and refining every detail until the perfect blanket was created. The Hush Blankets, which come in three different weights, are designed to be 10% of your body weight which in turn, eases the nervous system and imitates the sensation of being hugged… sounds amazing, huh?


After hearing about all of the wonderful positive benefits of the Hush Blankets, I decided to give it a try. Although it was difficult to part with my usual duvet, the thought of getting a good, deep sleep, was way too tempting to pass up. My initial reaction to the blanket was probably similar to the reactions of most other people who have tried this product. I won’t lie, I wondered how I would ever sleep comfortably with such a heavy comforter on top of me. But, my initial worries about the weight instantly faded away when I realized how warm and cozy the blanket is. The material is truly luxurious and beats any blanket that I own. Moreover, the fuzzy outer shell can be removed if needed without impacting the weight, so this blanket is not only incredible for those frigid winter nights, but also works perfectly for boiling hot summer evenings as the inner blanket remains cool to the touch.


Following a long and stressful day full of meetings, quizzes, classes and assignments, I came home and was eager to test out what everyone was ranting and raving about. After following my typical nightly routine, I finally settled into bed, covered myself in my Hush Blanket and closed my eyes. Although on the first night it still took me a while to get to bed, instead of grabbing my phone, or watching another Netflix show, I decided to stay under my Hush Blanket and really see if this product would work. To my surprise, instead of waking up, I actually slept through the night, and in the morning, I felt more refreshed than I have in a long, long time. I was truly stunned that a blanket could make such a difference in my sleep.


After using this blanket for many consecutive nights, I have decided that I will never go back to using a regular duvet. Despite my original hesitation about this blanket, I can confidently say that purchasing this product was one of the best decisions I have made and would highly suggest the Hush Blanket to anyone, whether or not you struggle with sleep, after all, who doesn’t love a luxuriously soft blanket to cuddle all night?


Sorry old duvet, but the Hush Blanket is here to stay.

Check out the Hush Blanket for yourself: https://hushblankets.com

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