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Dear body,

Did you know that the longest relationship a person will ever have is the one they have with their body? Wild huh? Well, not really when you think about it. 

When I think of our relationship, we have come a long way. I used to hate that you didn’t look like everyone else. It made me feel like we weren’t good enough and that we had to change to be worthy of anything good. It was like seeing what we were capable of having but couldn’t because of “standards.”

What load right?!

I used to think that my life couldn’t begin until we were a size 16 and didn’t get winded running upstairs because fatphobia *yuck!* I used to hate all the rolls and stretch marks that adorned our body until one day I didn’t. 

I started to appreciate your resilience and the fact that no matter what, we are in this thing together. 

No longer did I resent you. No longer did I hate everything about you that made us different. I started to see all these “flaws” as things that made us beautiful and unique. We are stunningly gorgeous and it’s a shame that we didn’t see it before.

Our relationship has taught me many things. One, surround yourself with body positive people. If they can’t love themselves as they are, that energy rubs off on us. Surround yourself with people in person and on social media that unapologetically love themselves as they are. Representation is a giant in building up our self-confidence and self-love.

We ARE NOT that same 16-year-old, who made herself cry because of those so-called “imperfections”. 

Two, it sounds corny but you are meant to stand out. We were never meant to fit in with the status quo. As much as it is conformable to fit in, we can’t reach our full potential being afraid to be seen, so let’s wear that cute crop top and show our cute lil tummy. 

And finally three, we are worthy of anything and everything we set our mind to. We don’t have to wait until we lose those 20 pounds or until we can afford that new dress. 

We are worthy and capable of getting it now. 

As I look at the future of our relationship, I am excited and a little anxious to see how our relationship will evolve. I’m proud of us and I know that size won’t stop us from being the incredible human being we are. 

Love always and enterally,


Olivia Johnson is an aspiring entertainment/lifestyle journalist from Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate student at Georgia State University majoring in Communication with a concentration in Digital Media Strategies. Olivia has written online content for Society 19, an online art magazine called The Venus and during her time at Columbus State University, The Saber, now called The Uproar. She enjoys writing articles about lifestyle, movies and TV and all things pop culture. She hopes to one day own her own entertainment /lifestyle magazine called Evolve.
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