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3 Midterm Stress Relief Tips

As midterm and exam season quickly approaches, it seems the stresses and worries of life pile upon each other indefinitely. Exams are stressful enough in themselves. Amidst this busy time, I’ve caught myself being stressed out about being stressed out! It is an extremely unhealthy mindset! For me, a change in routine, a break, or an açai bowl is a much-needed approach to getting my mind in the right place.  

1. Change your Scenery 

Studying in the same place all the time can get boring.  As exciting and convenient Hemmingson is, sometimes seeing someone you know everywhere you look can get distracting, not to mention the extremely loud music playing all the time. I always get more work done if I venture downtown and study somewhere new. You might even discover a new favorite place, and be productive at the same time! One of my favorite study spots is Method Café, a cute juice bar located in downtown Spokane. Their acai bowls are my favorite—and you can basically feel the good energy just from stepping inside. (Açai berries are also extremely good for you! They’re a superfood with tons of health benefits!) 

2. Try Journaling

Journal breaks are an amazing way to decompress after a hard study session. You would be surprised how relaxing filling your journal with colorful, inspiring words really is. If this doesn’t work, you could also try filling your journal with to-do lists. Write everything that is stressing you out down, in a list format. This helps organize your stresses, and you can also prioritize all that you have to do!  

3. Exercise! 

Exercise has been medically proven to be one of the best stress relievers. If the stresses of school become too heavy, going to the gym is a great way to rid yourself of the intense weight of school. If working out stresses you out in itself, you can try a meditative form of exercise—like yoga! Yoga has taught me so many different forms of relaxation and breathing that have really helped me in times of extreme stress. 

Happy Midterm season collegiettes! You can do it! 

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