The Enneagram: Why You NEED To Take This Personality Test

We’re all guilty of scrolling through BuzzFeed’s personality quizzes, hoping to figure out who we are, or better yet- “What Character from The Office are you?”

Some of us have taken Myers-Briggs tests either in school or the workplace to classify ourselves (Proud ENFP here!).

But then what? There’s never been a how-to improve yourself guide after you take one of these personality tests-- until now.

Meet the Enneagram.

Despite being developed over literally hundreds of years, it has recently been taking Instagram, books, blogs, and podcasts by storm.

The Enneagram explains the “‘why’ of how we think, act and feel. It helps us come to terms with our gifts as well as the addictive patterns that tether us to our greatest interpersonal, spiritual and emotional challenges.” (Heuertz, The Sacred Enneagram, p.39).

Essentially, it reveals your basic fears, as well as your basic desires, a *highly* detailed description of your type, your potential addictions, and BEST OF ALL- how to actually GROW as a person.

Via Your Enneagram Coach

The whole idea of the Enneagram is that you’re not supposed to stay stuck in your type forever. Ideally, at your highest “level of development”, you would be taking on various positive traits of the types closest to you.

You can take an extensive online test for free here or pay $12 for an official test here. Once you take the exam, it’ll tell you which of the 9 types you are. You can use this site to learn more about your type. There are a ton of books that are all about the Enneagram (I’m currently reading The Sacred Enneagram, 10/10 recommend.)

I’ve honestly become obsessed with the Enneagram and have found insanely funny Enneagram Instagram accounts, such as @rudeassenneagram and @enneagramandcoffee.

I think the most intriguing part of the Enneagram is how accurate it has been for every person in my life that I’ve made take the test (which has been pretty much… everyone!!). I’ve already started to see changes in my relationships with others because I can better understand their actions.

Delving deeper into ourselves can seem challenging at first, but it’s the key to self-growth.

So, what are you waiting for collegiettes? It’s a new year to grow!