7 Reasons to be Excited for the New Semester

By: Shabrina Parikh

As relaxing as winter break was, we're ready to be back at school and fall into our routines again. There's so much to look forward to this semester!

1. Clean Slate

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The good thing about college is that you don’t have to stick with a class for a whole year! Now, you have new classes, new professors and a new chance to boost your GPA! Go forth and conquer, girl!

2. Chipotle

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What’s better than a divine burrito before class? That’s right, nothing. Luckily, the Johnson Center has finally opened the one and only burrito heaven: Chipotle.

3. Spring Recruitment

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If you were considering joining a sorority, now is your time to shine! Spring recruitment starts at the beginning of the Spring semester!

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4. Spring is Near

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This means cuter clothes, brighter colors and sunnier days! After a couple of weeks, we can finally wear our sunglasses and flip flops!

5. Reuniting with Friends

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Winter break is great, but you know what’s better? Ranting about your classes with your friends! Chances are you haven’t seen your friends on campus for a couple of weeks, so cue the hugs and shrieks!

6. Countdown to Spring Break

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I know the semester just started, but you know what that means? You are one step closer to spring break! You’ll be at the beach in no time, I promise.

7. Free access to a gym

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One of the great things about college is a free gym membership! Luckily for us, GMU offers free access to three gyms on campus! If one of you new year's resolutions was to get fit and work on that beach body, it is time for the push ups and elliptical!  

The spring semester brings so much life to campus! Stay positive and push through this semester. There’s plenty to look forward to.