11 Ways to Deal with Finals Week

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Finals week is upon us and it’s the most stressful time of the year for every college student.  Some dread it more than others depending on their major, but every person suffers from it in some form. It’s not even just the finals that are the worst part of the week. The library is always too crowded, you’re running out of money you need to spend on coffee and food and there’s always that one professor who hasn’t uploaded grades so you can see how you’re doing before you take their final. You’re likely to face these problems every year, but you can make life a little easier for yourself by using these finals week hacks.

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1. Reserve space in advance

Reserve a library study room in advance. It gets so packed during finals that there’s almost no point in going unless you get there early in the morning or someone already has a table. This is an especially important tip if you like to study in peace and quiet.

2. Write it out

Write out everything you have to do in your planner or journal. All of your assignments and responsibilities can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a set plan for when you’re going to do them. Assign a few things to each day, and then you’ll have extra time in your day instead of cramming.

3. Reach out to professors

Keep in touch with your professors, whether that means having a face-to-face meeting with them or emailing them. The most frustrating thing is when you don’t know your grade in your class because they haven’t uploaded grades since February. You have every right to know how you’re doing going into the final so it’s important to be in contact with professors.Via Giphy

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4. Make it a group effort

Study groups or partners are sometimes the key to success. Even if you’re like me, who can’t fully concentrate unless you’re alone, try to meet up with friends from your classes to exchange notes or study together at least once. Studying with people before a final has actually saved me in the past because I learned something new or got help with material I didn’t understand.Via Giphy

5. Give your brain a little TLC

Take breaks. Stay motivated, but make sure you take some time to relax or do something fun for a little while. Your brain can only take so much studying.

6. Know what you're walking in to

Know what’s on the exams. What chapters is it covering? Will there be an essay portion? Is it cumulative? Even if the final is online, there’s nothing worse than being caught off guard and scrambling to find the answers.

7. Drink water...please

Stay hydrated. You’ll probably be drinking a ton of caffeine, but be sure to drink lots of water along with it.

8. "No."

Don’t be afraid to say no to doing things. Just because your friends might not have as many/care about finals doesn’t mean you should feel forced to drop everything you’re doing and go out with them. You obviously want to make time for some fun, but if you have a lot of work to do, just say you can’t go.Via Giphy

9. Make your mornings efficient

Set alarms. Be sure to give yourself time in the morning to wake up and eat breakfast or relax before going to study or taking your exam.

10. Sleep...please

Try not to pull all-nighters. It seems like they’re the only answer, but if you followed tip #2, then hopefully you’ve planned mostly everything out so you’re not left cramming everything into one night. Plus, staying up all night doesn’t actually help in the long run. Getting sleep helps you stay refreshed.Via Giphy

11. Keep yourself motivated

Look toward the future. Over school? You only have a week left and you’re done. Funds are low? You’ll be home soon and eating good. Don’t lose hope!

Stay motivated, collegiettes. The end is near!

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