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How I Came Around to Meal Prepping

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Last time I did an article on my fitness journey and the steps I was taking to be my best self. This week I thought I would still stick to talking about my journey, but this time, with food.

When you start a fitness journey for weight loss, you will hear it said a thousand times that your nutrition is majority of the hard work. I will not say anything different. It is true. Nutrition is 80% of where your weight loss will come from.

I would work out all everyday, but I noticed that I was not getting the results that I wanted and after talking to a few trainers, I found out that I may have been cutting portions, but I still wasn’t eating healthy. At first, I was trying to avoid meal prepping at all costs. I didn’t like the idea of having to eat the same thing every single day. When I first started, because I was still test driving, my meals were awful. I wasn’t happy with what I was eating and that was partly due to the fact that I was watching what other fitness people would eat and try to copy their meals. Not the best thing to do. Food should be tasty and it should make you happy and the fact that for a month, week after week, my meals weren’t good? I wanted to give up on this journey all together.

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I wanted to just go the gym and workout for two hours, five times a week and just watched what I ate with smaller portions.

But, I kept telling myself to hold on. I kept telling myself not to give up, that I am doing this to be better. So, I looked to Pinterest for guidance and as always, Pinterest came through for me. I found a lovely cheat sheet that I use religiously and it helps me break down the different parts of a nutritious meal.

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That cheat sheet has been my holy grail for the past month and I no longer feel the need to have such elaborate meals. I simply K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly). I just make sure to have a lot of vegetables, mostly broccoli and zucchini. My protein is mostly chicken or beef, and for my starch, I just stick to brown rice, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes. Every now and again I will switch up just to be a little bit diverse, but I have noticed that as long as I have those staple pieces I am good. Plus, my meals have been so bomb lately, I actually look forward to my lunches. That feeling is what food should give you: excitement.

Remember to be patient with yourself, remember this is your journey and how someone else achieve their fitness goals is different than how you achieve them.

I am always here if you need advice, feel free to DM me, snap me, etc. I would love to help you get on the right track to being your best self!

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