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Your Guide to a Stress-Free AND Successful End of Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

You read right: stress-free and successful because it can be done! Finals loom in the horizon and just at its brim, summer break peers through as encouragement and motivation to finish off strong this spring semester. With our eyes on the prize of long road trips back home, warm beach days and memories to be made, finals is no threat that we can’t overcome. This brief list is packed with useful information, sure to keep your stress levels at bay as you completely dominate finals week:

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No one enjoys taking tests (not anyone I have met, anyway). I’m sure that if there was some way to completely eliminate the narrow concept of analyzing one’s comprehension and creativity in a range of alphabets (A-F), we’d promptly rise to the occasion.

But exams don’t have to be so dreadful.

1. Prepare ahead of time. Mark your calendar, make flashcards, study guides…

We might all be found guilty of procrastination. What good is it to take an exam with the stress of just hoping that everything you crammed the night before stays long enough in your memory to complete the test? Plan ahead and when the time comes to test, it’ll be go time! All you will need to do is revise.

2. Find your ‘study vibe’ or space.

Some people do well and are able to concentrate in large groups which others would find distracting. Also, while music may soothe certain individuals, others may find it impossible to focus with background noise. Find what works for you, rather than going by others’ methods. We all learn and store information differently.

3. Relax.

Rest and don’t be too hard on yourself. You worked all semester to prepare for finals–you’ve got this!  You cannot forget that our brain is a muscle and it must rest to render the best results.

4. Don’t forget that the semester isn’t over yet.

Don’t make the mistake of placing all of your attention on finals while you neglect the assignments and requirements that are still at hand. Summer break is taunting and seems to be making googly eyes at everyone at this point in the semester. But you are almost there, collegiate—stay focused!

5. Finally, be sure to set an alarm.

Give yourself time to actually have the time to wake up, eat a balanced breakfast, revise and show up early to your final. That way, you aren’t running out of the house in mere hope to make it just in time for exams.

There you have it folks. Finals week will be over sooner than we know it and this guide will certainly help to make it all run smoothly. Happy finals everyone! It can be worth celebrating if we make it out to be.

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