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Walking into Florida State’s recreational complex, commonly known as the Leach, can be intimidating the first time you walk through the front doors. Heck, it’s intimidating the second, third, even forth time. Even when you do know what you’re doing, this three-floor complex that includes a pool, indoor track and annex can feel overwhelming and overtaken by gym rats (a.k.a. frat boys). Thankfully, we offer over 90 free group fitness classes that take the ease out of making up an appropriate workout. So, to the person who is new to Florida State or just to working out in general, here’s a detailed list of the classes we offer.

Barre Burn

Barre Burn is a growing trend in the fitness world that utilizes the workout of the ballet barre, light dumbbells, and ballet inspired moves. Essentially, it’s a full body workout with low impact. This hour-long class will have you wondering the next day how a three-pound weight made your muscles so sore.

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Spin 40 + Abs

By combining the amazing cardio of spinning with a short, but killer, seven-minute ab workout, you’ll be feeling this for the week. Be sure to arrive early and bring a water bottle and towel because you’ll definitely be breaking a sweat.

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HIIT Cardio 45

H.I.I.T., which breaks down to mean High Intensity Interval Training, is a circuit class that significantly increases your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Also, HIIT has the ability to reduce abdominal and subcutaneous (just under the skin) fat. This workout breaks down certain exercises for you to hold for 45 consecutive seconds with a 15 second recovery time. 

Beginners Yoga

This Hatha Yoga class is made for beginners and is composed of basic poses with intermediate options available. Come and work on making yourself more flexible and relaxed during this 55-minute class.

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Lower Body Blast

This 30-minute class targets every muscle of your lower body. If you’re looking for a class that’s fast, but effective, this is the place for you.

Sup Fit

This class involves using the paddleboards in the Leach pool. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit. Sup Fit hones in to your balance and focuses on toning your muscles.

Dual Step

This is a step class taught by two instructors who build off one another’s energy to form an amazing and cardio filled class.  Step might be confusing the first time, but just like anything, you will learn and grow.

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TRX Power 45

Located in the FMC (also known as the Wellness Center), the TRX uses your own body weight against you to increase muscular strength and endurance.

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This workout in disguise is where you might find your new dance moves for your night out at The Strip. This easy-to-follow dance class hits all music genres, so come to the party and have a blast!

Dance Step

This step class isn’t made for beginners. By using two steps side-by-side instead of one, this class makes intricate combos that will always keep you on your toes.

Total Body Blast

Total Body Blast lives up to its name. By hitting every target area of the body, this workout will leave every muscle sore and begging for more. So, come if you want to strengthen and tone.           

Core OTB

This quick 30-minute class targets the abdominals and lower back while using a Resist-A-Ball.

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Tabata follows an interval training protocol in which you train at high intensity cycles for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated eight times for a grand total of four minutes of high-paced training.  


PL standing for “Power Lunch” is made to make the most of your lunch break. With the class being only 30 minutes long, you’ll be in and out with a workout that builds your strength and endurance.         


This new class is low in cardio, but is made to tone and build muscles. Using aquatic equipment, your own body weight and the shallow end of the pool, you’re bound to have a blast.   

Indoscuplt 45

An IndoBoard is a form of exercise that’s on an unstable surface, which in turn, focuses on your balance and brings your attention to your core.

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Cardio Burn & Firm

This class is a mixture of a Step and Total Body Sculpt class. It brings together both strength and cardio.


WOD, meaning “Workout of the Day,” is set to your own pace and can range from a 10-45 minute workout. With the class changing every week and taught by a personal trainer, you’ll never have the same experience twice.

Cardio x2

Cardio x2 is somewhat like the WOD. This class changes every week. It combines the format of two separate cardio classes such as step, kickboxing, circuit and more. This workout will get your heart rate pumping throughout the class.

Kickbox + Build

Now, don’t get confused by the name and bring your boxing gloves to class. This workout focuses on the fundamental techniques of kickboxing that will in turn provide intervals of strength training.


Pilates will help improve posture and strengthen weaker muscles that aren’t usually targeted in other workouts—all the while strengthening over worked muscle groups. So, if you feel like trying something new, this class is for you.

In all, Florida State offers plenty of ways to workout and build a better you, so grab a friend and come attend any of the classes we provide. For times, dates and registration click here

Tara Lawson-Corley is a Florida State University graduate. She majored in Retail Merchandising & Product Development with the goal of someday working for a fitness driven retail company. Hopefully later on she will be able to own her own successful fitness boutique or at least that's the dream. Tara enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, reading numerous fashion magazines, and finding new and exciting ways to workout.
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