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How to Overcome “Gymtimidation”

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Going to the gym is easier said than done; this is something that we all know and yet, we can’t always seem to figure out why. The thought of getting out of bed and exercising can be tough enough, but the thought of walking into a gym can sound downright terrifying. Not knowing how to utilize the gym is enough to deter any collegiette, but the real intimidation comes from the other gym-goers. When it seems as if everyone else knows that they’re doing, just keep this in mind: everyone has to start somewhere. No one is born with the inherent knowledge of proper gym etiquette and no one will judge you for being new! Even though it may seem as if it is obvious that you have no idea what you’re doing and everyone is staring at you with thoughts of disgust and judgment, here’s the truth: no one cares. No one is paying attention to you at the gym and “gymtimidation” is all in your head.  Here are 5 ways to get over gymtimidation:

1. Bring a friend

Whether it be a friend who is a gym veteran who can show you how it’s done or a newbie like yourself who can experience it with you, there’s safety in numbers. By having a friend by your side, you’ll have someone to keep you motivated and you’ll feel less intimidated by the multitude of fit guys wandering around.

2. Keep going!

Hitting the gym once doesn’t mean you will wake up the next morning with a beach ready body. You have to keep at it and you can’t get discouraged. The more you walk into the gym and workout, the more confident you’ll feel.

3. Start small and work your way up

Pick a machine that seems straightforward and master it. Most cardio machines are easy to understand; just hit go and start your workout! While you’re on that machine, it’s easy to look around at other gym-goers to observe how they’re using different machines so you can obtain an idea of how to use them yourself.

4. Take advantage of what the gym has to offer

The Leach offers FREE (yes, free!) fitness training and personal training sessions for anyone who is interested. Trained staff members will help you learn how to use different equipment and develop personalized workouts. If one-on-one isn’t your thing, there are plenty of group exercise classes that you can try. There are a variety of beginner classes that you can try from yoga to barre and cardio; there’s bound to be at least one that you’ll enjoy!

5. You’re the only one paying attention to you

Everyone else is there to work out between classes or after work. The one thing all gym-goers have in common is they are focused on themselves. It can be hard to mentally overcome the insecurity that you feel when you’re new to the gym, but I sincerely promise that no one else is paying as much attention to you as you think.

Whatever your goal is for going to the gym, don’t lose sight of that! You are the source of your own motivation and don’t let gymtimidation slow you down.

Elizabeth Dorwart is Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus FSU. When she's not reading, writing, or editing articles, she enjoys trying new recipes from Pinterest or playing with her cats. Feel free to ask her any Taylor Swift trivia because she probably knows the answer.
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