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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of FSU’s Group Fitness Classes

The first couple of weeks of class are over and you’ve probably gouged yourself with all the Hurricane Irma snacks you could find (Hey, no judgment here!). For those who feel that the Leach is too intimating, or you’re just bored with the same cardio and weights routine, I have the perfect solution for you! Try out FSU’s Group Fitness classes! They are available at both the Leach and the Fitness and Movement Clinic, located at the University’s Health and Wellness Center, and they are the best thing I’ve done during my time at FSU. Here are my top five reasons why you should definitely take advantage of the group fitness classes this semester.

1. It’s free!

Really, it is. One of the many perks FSU Recreation provides to students is offering free group fitness classes, so there is nothing to lose by trying one out. No more spending up to $30 for one spin class. Here, you can take as many as you want free of charge.

2. They offer over 20 different types of classes

From Pilates to Kickboxing, FSU Recreation offers a multitude of different group fitness classes for whichever type of workout experience you are looking for. Whether you want to work out your legs with a spin class, keep it nice and slow with some yoga, or even mix things up and channel your inner ballerina by trying a barre class, all are available to fully maximize your workout time.

3. They’re available all throughout the day

We know how hectic it can be trying to squeeze in some “me” time when you are trying to balance a full schedule, plus some extracurricular activities. Luckily, group fitness classes are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There are over 70 different sessions per week, giving you different opportunities to get the workout you desire. That way, even if you can’t squeeze in an hour in between classes, you can go before or afterwards.

4. There are easy-to-follow classes, for beginners to experts

The great thing about FSU’s group fitness classes is that they welcome students with all different levels of expertise. They are uniquely designed so whether you are a novice or a veteran, you will be able to achieve a great workout. You don’t have to feel intimidated at all; no one is expecting you to come in and be a full-time Instagram yogi. The instructors offer a welcoming environment so there is no need to worry about feeling embarrassed. The instructor will guide you through the entire lesson and will cater to any concerns you may have.

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5. It’s good for you both physically and mentally!

Group fitness classes are not only good for your body, but for your mind too! Studies have shown that group fitness classes are beneficial because of the exposure to a social environment, therefore creating a camaraderie amongst the attendees. Also, because the classes are specifically designed by the instructor, there is no added worry that you might be doing an improper move or position, causing damage to your body. So, whether you go with a friend, or by yourself, you are guaranteed a good time and a great workout experience. These classes help you get the hot bod you desire, while having fun at the same time!

Gaby is an FSU alumna who majored in Creative Writing and minored in Communications and Psychology. She also enjoys iced coffee, rose-scented candles, and short stories.
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