The App for Wellbeing

One of my favorite ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression is by using the app “Calm”. This app does require a subscription, but is definitely worth it. There are so many components that improve meditation, sleep and manage stress all in this one app. 

For example, there is a sleep section which offers music, nature sounds, non-fiction, fiction, soundscapes etc. in order to help you fall asleep more quickly. There is a variety of different sounds in nature such as birds chirping, thunderstorms, rain and so many more. There is also a section that keeps track of your sleep and data. I love the 7 days of sleep section which involves preparing for sleep, relaxing, activity and sleep, eliminating worry, letting go, thinking like a good sleeper and the path to peaceful sleep. These can be so helpful when dealing with anxiety and stress in college. 

Another section of the app I enjoy is the meditation portion. There are sections for sleep, anxiety, beginners, stress, self-care, inner peace, focus, emotions, relationships guidance etc. I love the anxiety section. Here, I did the 7 days of managing stress. In this section, I learned how to de-escalate stress, mind-body connections, working with emotions, negative self talk, interpreting events, surrendering and creating balance. All of these portions in the app are narrated by a variety of speakers.

The last part of the app I really enjoy is the evening and morning stretches. These are a few little exercises that really help quiet the mind and body when going to sleep and also wake up the body in the morning to prepare for the day’s activities. There are also mindful cooldowns and warm ups before and after exercising. There are so many sections to this app and so much to be learned. I find that it is so relaxing to throw in some earbuds and listen to all that the app has to offer!