Ways To De-Stress Before Midterms

Midterms are almost here and this time in the semester could not be more stressful. Whether you find yourself to be the kind of person that procrastinates work and studying until the day it's all due (which may or may not be what I do) or you're the person that's been studying for midterms since the semester began (like my roommate), here are a few ways to de-stress and stay healthy during this hectic time. 

  1. Practice Yoga! Here at Fordham, there's Chapel Yoga every Monday at 7:30 p.m. and every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. This is a great program to stay in shape and release stress at the same time. Check out Campus Ministry's website for more info!
  2. Go on a walk around the Botanical Gardens! Spring is almost here and life is blooming over in the Botanical Gardens! Nothing clears your head better than walking through nature and finding a new beautiful, hidden spot to study is an added bonus!
  3. Read a book! In college, we rarely have time to read books for fun, but the library is full of interesting books that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. If you’re going to be spending your life in the library for the next two weeks you might as well enjoy a good book to relax when you need a break. 
  4. Go with your friends to a café to study! Midterms takes a toll on relationships and friendships alike. Make sure that you are making time for those close to you, even if the time you spend together consists mainly of studying and coffee breaks. 
  5. Take an hour to watch your favorite show! There’s nothing like trashy daytime television to take your mind off of things. If you catch yourself getting overly stressed during midterm season, dedicate some time each week to watch a show you really enjoy. I recommend “The Bachelor” or “The Good Place!” 

Midterms are one of the most stressful times in a college student’s life and it's totally OK to need help handling this stress. Students on campus have a variety of resources with regard to their mental health, including Counseling Services and Campus Ministry. Even though you may only be focused on studying for the next few weeks, do not forget to put yourself and your health first!