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Start Obtaining Your Dream Summer Body Now


Summer is over but it’s never too early to start preparing for the next one! We tend to say we’re going to start working out and get our summer body pretty often. Most of us don’t actually make it because we either don’t start to work out or don’t keep it consistent.


Apart from achieving the body you want exercise helps elevate your mood, increase energy levels, help with relaxation, sleep quality and brain health. It’s a great way to let go of steam and it’ll help you out in the long run.


Here are some tips while exercising:

  • Pace yourself. You might feel like you can keep doing rep after rep but you might end up hurting yourself instead.
  • Stay hydrated. You lose a lot of water while exercising. Try to drink water before and some during.
  • Be aware of what you are doing. Make sure you’re using the right technique and if your body doesn’t feel right stop and fix your posture.
  • Mix it up. Try other exercises or try working out different muscles to reduce the risk of overstraining the ones you’ve been working on.

For those of you that have never worked out, don’t know where to start or don’t know how to get back into working out here are some basic exercises you can do anywhere to get you into the groove of things:


  • Mountain Climbers

They are a great way to work on cardio and your abs all in one!


  • Squats

Yes, the famous squats. Why does everyone pick this exercise and do it so often? Apart from helping your glutes squats utilize every muscle in your lower body!


  • Sit-Ups

Great core workout! Sit-ups can help get you that six-pack as well as help your internal and external oblique’s.


  • Push ups

Arguably the worst exercise for some because it requires more strength than other beginner exercises. But it’s one of the best upper body exercise that you can do anywhere—targeting your arm and chest muscles.


  • Superman

This is a great exercise for you to strengthen your back muscles. Most of us spend our days slouched over on our chairs and desks. This can help reverse that slouchy posture!


  • Glute Bridge

This is the one you want to include to have strong, sexy glutes!


We all start from somewhere. Make an effort to begin these at home or even the gym to get into the habit of working out. To help track your progress, there are tons of apps out there to help track movement, measurements, and even the calories you’ve burned. You can put in what you worked out and for how long straight after you work out or even have the app on your smart watch so it can track your activity for you.


Your dream body is not as unobtainable as it seems.





Rose McDonald is a Her Campus Writer at Florida International University. Her main focuses are on overall health, well-being, habitat conservation, societal issues and women's advocate on equal rights. When she isn't writing articles she spends most of her time reading, volunteering in different philanthropies, traveling or simply enjoying nature. Follow up and peek more into her interests by following her Instagram: @rosejanelle
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