Best Way to Fuel Before You Train

You're about to rush out the door to work out and you realize you ate lunch hours ago. You might usually just chug a protein shake after working out and call it a day, but how often do you focus on what you're eating before you go to the gym? 


Why You Shouldn't Work Out On An Empty Stomach

Keep in mind that when you exercise your blood flow goes away from your intestines towards your muscles. When this happens, functions such as digestion stop because of the lack of blood and will result in gastrointestinal discomfort. By having a pre-workout snack, you save yourself a stomach ache and gain some energy to work out as hard as you can!


Best Pre-Workout Snacks:

1. Bananas

2. Oatmeal

3. Smoothies (made fresh)

4. Yogurt + berries

5. Eggs and avocado toast

6. Toast and nut butter (add slices of banana)

7. Crackers and nuts


When To Eat Prior To Work Out

It's best to eat 30 minutes to two hours before a work out to keep your body light and have some energy. It's always good to look for easy-to-digest snacks that provide additional nutrition but be mindful of what you're eating. The ideal snack would be around 150-200 calories with 15-20 grams of carbs and it's suggested to have around 30 grams of protein after a work out. The type and amount of foods you eat will always depend on what your are trying to work out and your fitness goals. If you're a heavy trainer you might want to have more protein and healthy fats along with carbs to help your muscles recover. 


Build More Strength By Working Out Before Bed

Besides the fact that you release all of your day's stress, afternoon and evening workouts are the best times to work out. This is because the temperature in your body peaks at this time for optimal muscle strength and power. It is also much easier to have a good nights sleep right after doing an intense training. Here's a five minute workout you can do right before bed!


20 pushups

20 seconds of elbow plank

20 seconds of right side plank

20 seconds of left side plank

20 squats

20 sit ups

20 jump squats 


Final Thoughts

Stay hydrated, keep eating small things to keep you going, and work out when you feel the most motivated to do so! Exercise is an amazing way to cope with stress and clear the mind. Learning a few ways to keep your body at its best is essential to stay on a healthy fitness journey!