Apps that help navigate a positive mindset

De-stressing, relaxing and having a peace of mind are important factors in my life. Trying to balance being a full-time student, working, being in organizations and having a social life can take a toll on your stress levels. If this sounds like you, then the information that I am going to provide might be beneficial to your daily life. It is key to remember to take care of your health in every aspect. Although we tend to try and avoid electronics when trying to have a peaceful moment to ourselves, using these apps won't hurt as long as you stay focused on the purpose. 

These are five helpful mindfulness and mental health apps to download:

Sanity & Self

  •  Sanity & Self is a wellness/self-care app for women that provides a wide range of podcasts related to many topics. These topics include, but are not limited to, reducing stress, relationships, personal growth, self-love and many more. Sanity & Self also allows users to connect and encourage one another through their “community” tab.​​


  • Headspace is an app used to help people who are just beginning to use a meditation routine. It helps you learn how to apply your guided meditation activities to your daily life. Using the meditation techniques provided by Headspace can improve your sleep, your attention span and decrease stress levels. 


  • Shine sends users motivational messages through daily texts. Looking to improve your growth in a certain area? Shine boosts users mindsets and attitudes with podcasts by motivation speakers as well as challenges to help individuals achieve their growth goals.


  • Moodpath is built to help steer individuals out of depression. This app begins with an assessment to determine the user and their moods.Two weeks later assessment results will be sent electronically and the app will provide personalized exercises and videos to improve your mental health.


  • Not only does Calm provide you with meditation techniques but, this relaxing app includes music to help you focus and sleep well. Calm has a feature called “Sleep Stories” which is similar to when you were told a story as a child before bed. These stories are narrated by familiar voices to help you get the best sleep possible.